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Red Cross Chief: Venezuela Aid Being Politicized to 2019-12-04 21:10:00Francesco Rocca slammed the underfunding of aid programs as a problem of “political will.”

TIAR Countries Blacklist Top Venezuelan Officials as US 2019-12-04 18:02:00US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Venezuela of “hijacking” mass anti-neoliberal protests in “our own backyard.”

Venezuela’s PDVSA Secures Temporary Lease Extension for Curacao 2019-12-02 17:41:00Despite the extension, refinery owners are looking to end the 34-year cooperation under pressure from US sanctions.

The Ethical Reorganization of Politics: A Conversation with 2019-11-30 00:11:00A historical figure from the left examines Venezuela’s insurrectional past while offering a critical reading of the current state of affairs in

Is Hardcore Chavismo Willing to Negotiate a Solution 2019-11-29 10:35:00Venezuelan news outlet Supuesto Negado talks to Chavistas about the ongoing dialogue with the opposition.

US Vows to 'Reinforce' Sanctions, Accuses Venezuela and 2019-11-28 14:48:00Elliott Abrams reiterated support for Guaido and denied that sanctions are damaging the Venezuelan economy.

‘Not in Chavez’s Name’: A Critique of Police 2019-11-26 23:14:00Chavista human rights collective Surgentes has kicked off a campaign to denounce police violence in popular sectors.

Venezuela Unveils First Gold Processing Complex in Mining 2019-11-25 17:17:00While already operational, the complex will reportedly be the 5th largest in the continent upon completion.

What Does PDVSA Have to Do with the 2019-11-22 12:52:00Supuesto Negado writer Clodovaldo Hernández takes a look at the collapse of Venezuela’s oil production and PetroCaribe in relation to the

Colombia’s US Ambassador Advocates 'Covert Actions' Against Venezuela 2019-11-21 19:48:00Top Colombian officials acknowledged failure of regime change in Venezuela and total disarray in Washington.

An Affective Picture of Chavismo (XIV) – Bad 2019-11-20 13:34:00In the fourteenth installment of his series, Reinaldo Iturriza scrutinizes the "bad faith" that underscores certain positions against Chavismo.

Venezuelans Protest Bolivia Coup After Diplomatic Break 2019-11-18 16:56:00The de facto government in La Paz has broken relations with Caracas and recognised Guaido.


Bolivia creates new anti-terrorist force to dismantle foreign 2019-12-04 04:49:00 Bolivia's interim government on Tuesday unveiled a new anti-terrorism police force it said was aimed at dismantling foreign

Beijing's gift to El Salvador for Taiwan cut 2019-12-04 04:48:00 China has agreed to pay for a new national stadium and library in El Salvador as part of an infrastructure package promised t

Mexican women shocked and furious over a femicide 2019-12-03 04:40:00 A former head of Amazon Mexico is wanted for questioning after his wife was apparently killed by a hitman in Mexico City. Abr

Keiko Fujimori out of prison struggling to recover 2019-12-02 04:49:00 Peruvian opposition leader Keiko Fujimori, who was released from prison on Friday, grew up during her father Alberto Fujimori

Peru says the country is ready to responsibly 2019-12-02 04:35:00 A representative from the Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines said this weekend that the country is ready to start mining u

3 reasons why Latin America has erupted in 2019-12-02 04:29:00 From Chile to Venezuela and Bolivia to Nicaragua, it’s no understatement to say that Latin America is on fire.

More clashes with drugs gunmen bring closer Trump's 2019-12-02 04:27:00 Clashes between police and suspected cartel gunmen in a northern Mexican town killed 21 people this weekend, authorities said

Suriname president Bouterse convicted of murder for the 2019-11-30 20:19:00 A court in Suriname on Friday convicted President Desi Bouterse of murder for the execution of 15 opponents in 1982 following

Lower trade barriers helped faster economic and wage 2019-11-30 02:53:00 Latin America and Caribbean region saw faster economic and wage growth thanks to a lowering of trade barriers, a new report b

Uruguay expects some 200 cruise calls this 2019/20 2019-11-30 02:20:00 Uruguay is expecting some 200 cruise calls this 2019/20 season, which is 30% higher than in 2018/19, while Montevideo has bec

Bolivia ready to restore diplomatic relations with Israel 2019-11-29 07:19:00 Bolivia says it will restore diplomatic ties with Israel, a decade after then-President Evo Morales severed relations because

EU condemns Cuba for detention of leading dissident 2019-11-29 03:51:00 The European parliament joined the United States on Thursday in condemning Cuba's detention and reported mistreatment of lea

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