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35 companies seeking out new hires in 2021 2021-01-20 09:50:09Check out some of the companies that will be hiring across Ireland this year, from PayPal to Patreon. The post 35 companies seeking out new hires in 2

NASA determines cause of SLS rocket shutdown 2021-01-20 08:45:48The SLS rocket test was due to run for around eight minutes but suffered an engine shutdown after just 67 seconds. The post NASA determines cause of S

Galway’s Neurent Medical raises $25m in Series B 2021-01-20 08:20:49The company will invest the funds in commercialising its nasal treatment device in the US after its receives FDA clearance. The post Galway’s Ne

Supporting women in tech: ‘The time for talk 2021-01-20 08:00:05With the tech sector still suffering from a gender gap, Code First Girls’ Anna Brailsford discusses the important role education plays in equali

Fingal County Council lays the groundwork for e-scooters 2021-01-20 06:39:15Long-expected regulations that would allow for e-scooter sharing services in Ireland are due to come before the Dáil soon. The post Fingal Coun

Malwarebytes emails targeted by SolarWinds hackers 2021-01-20 04:46:53The company said some emails were breached by the attackers but its software products are still safe to use. The post Malwarebytes emails targeted by

Logistics firm CH Robinson to hire 30 in 2021-01-20 04:43:55The supply chain logistics company is establishing a new technology development centre in Cork city, with roles for IT professionals. The post Logisti

Orreco to create 30 new jobs following €3m 2021-01-20 03:43:21Science-led sports-tech company Orreco will double its international team to support further development of its athlete performance platforms. The pos

6 ways to boost ‘we thinking’ in your 2021-01-20 03:00:19Hays’ Alex Shteingardt shares his top tips for encouraging teamwork and a collective vision among your employees. The post 6 ways to boost &lsqu

Netflix surpasses 200m subscribers as revenues rise again 2021-01-20 02:53:03The company saw revenues grow last quarter and will no longer raise external capital to fund its films and TV shows. The post Netflix surpasses 200m s

What should you look for in remote working 2021-01-19 11:20:43As we embark on what could be another year of remote working, Asana’s Katie Guzman shares her thoughts on tech tools trends. The post What shoul

Wrike to be acquired by Citrix for $2.25bn 2021-01-19 09:26:25Cloud-based project management platform Wrike, which has its European headquarters in Dublin, will become part of Citrix’s hybrid work offering.

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Parler Finds a Reprieve in Russia—but Not a New! 2021-01-20 21:02:13The far-right platform still hasn’t found a US-based home. Where it lands could have serious consequences for its users’ privacy.

The Strange Theater of Watching the Inauguration Online New! 2021-01-20 18:44:49Few people could witness Joe Biden and Kamala Harris get sworn in in person. Instead, we watched (and tried to make sense of it all) online.

A Site Published Every Face From Parler's Capitol New! 2021-01-20 14:31:02Faces of the Riot used open source software to detect, extract, and deduplicate every face from the 827 videos taken from the insurrection on January

Social Media Bans Are Really, Actually, Shockingly Common 2021-01-20 09:00:00Booting Trump didn’t set a precedent. From Yelp to Uber to Airbnb, platforms regularly ban users and content, but too often behind the scenes.

WIRED’s Picks for the 10 Books You Have 2021-01-20 09:00:00It’s cold and you’re probably still quarantined. Time to get reading. Start with these tales of reimagined histories and cloned partners.

Looking for a Tablet? These Are Our Absolute 2021-01-20 09:00:00We’ve tested all the top slates, from Apple’s iPads to Android and Windows devices.

Vaping Won't Keep Young People From Smoking Cigarettes 2021-01-20 08:00:00It won't prevent teens from later becoming smokers. But some health experts say that focusing on the risk of addicting new smokers cuts off a chance

How to Get Great Tech Support—From Home 2021-01-20 08:00:00If you're in your home office for the long haul,  you can still get the TLC you need for your IT. Here are some options.

Palantir’s God’s-Eye View of Afghanistan 2021-01-20 07:00:00The company’s software can sift through enormous amounts of data, and those metrics can be used to make life-or-death decisions.

Biden’s Covid Plan Will Define His Presidency 2021-01-20 07:00:00It’s not just about the pandemic. How the new administration handles Covid-19 will be a test of every one of its policies—and its values.

The Ongoing Collapse of the World's Aquifers 2021-01-19 09:00:00When humans over-exploit underground water supplies, the ground collapses like a huge empty water bottle. It's called subsidence, and it could affect

The SolarWinds Hackers Used Tactics Other Groups Will 2021-01-19 09:00:00The supply chain threat was just the beginning.


Biden Moves to Rejoin Paris Climate Agreement New! 2021-01-20 18:34:58 Paris Accord Hours after being sworn in as the president of the United States, Joe Biden signed an executive order that will move the country to rejo

Unlock Your Personal Health Secrets With a Health New! 2021-01-20 18:00:56 Every year around this time people resolve to grab the proverbial bull by the horns when it comes to their health, only to realize a month or so late

Airport Jetpack Sighting May Have Actually Been Person-Shaped New! 2021-01-20 17:04:32 Unidentified Flying Object In September, airline pilots landing at Los Angeles International Airport made a rather odd sighting: what appeared to be

Professional Gamer Retires After Career-Ending Injury to Thumb New! 2021-01-20 16:22:33 No matter where you stand on the “can video games be sports?” debate, it can’t be denied that Esports have become a massive competi

In Video, NASA Head Bridenstine Gives Emotional Goodbye New! 2021-01-20 14:56:33 With Donald Trump out of the White House, Jim Bridenstine’s tenure as NASA Administrator is over. Bridenstine’s time as NASA head include

Expert: We Could Vaccinate Everyone on Earth and New! 2021-01-20 13:52:41 Even after vaccinating everyone against the coronavirus, COVID-19 could continue to spread around the world. That’s because scientists aren&rsq

SpaceX Bought Two Huge Oil Rigs to Use New! 2021-01-20 13:07:26 Public records dug up by reporters for NASASpaceflight show that SpaceX bought two deepwater oil rigs last summer in order to convert them into float

On ISS, Americans Give Food to Russians After New! 2021-01-20 12:51:07 Russian cosmonauts at the International Space Station found themselves in a bit of a pickle after a rocket carrying their next food shipment was dela

New Gene Therapy Reverses Aging in Mice New! 2021-01-20 12:23:39 A team of scientists in Beijing, China have developed a gene therapy that was shown to reverse some aspects of aging and extend lifespans in mice, as

Scientists Fire Volcanic Rocks at Rooftops to Prove New! 2021-01-20 11:17:15 A team of scientists in New Zealand are taking a very hands-on approach to volcano safety: blasting rooftops with volcanic rocks to see which ones ar

Man Faced 10 Year Sentence for Wielding Elon 2021-01-20 10:32:04 It likely wasn’t the intention of Boring Company CEO Elon Musk to become entrenched in stories about people being jailed and facing steep priso

Video Shows Agonized Man Crawling Out of Hospital 2021-01-20 09:57:16 Newly-released of Toronto’s Humber River Hospital shows a disturbing scene, where a man named David Pontone crawls out the exit on all fours af

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