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Twitter Users Have Field Day With Sarah Huckabee 2019-07-02 06:41:02The former White House press secretary was taunted with suggested titles for her reported upcoming book about working for Donald Trump.

These Major Booksellers’ Description Of 'Mein Kampf' Sounds 2019-07-01 21:29:36Hitler’s manifesto was marketed on Amazon, Walmart, Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million as “what we must do if we want to survive as a pe

Where Are All The Black BookTubers? 2019-06-27 18:17:41There's something missing from YouTube's book blogging community: Black people and books by Black authors.

Nicholas Sparks Apologizes To LGBTQ Community 2019-06-17 14:44:43"The Notebook" author released a statement after emails surfaced appearing to back at least some allegations of racism and homophobia made against h

This Finance Book Just Might Change Your Life 2019-06-17 11:11:03The "I Will Teach You To Be Rich" title is polarizing, but the advice is on point.

Gloria Vanderbilt, American Fashion Icon, Has Died 2019-06-17 10:28:03After living her entire life in the public eye, Vanderbilt died from stomach cancer on Monday.

From The New Deal To The Green New 2019-06-09 11:14:42A historian delves into American liberalism's original Big Idea.

How I Got My Toddler Back On Books 2019-06-06 11:39:29I want my kid to treasure that magical reading time as much as I did growing up.

The Radical Empathy of Tim Murphy 2019-06-05 00:01:20The novelist drew upon his experience as a journalist and activist to create the sweeping, emotionally resonant novel "Correspondents."

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“This Is Pleasure,” by Mary Gaitskill 2019-07-08 05:00:00Fiction by Mary Gaitskill:

Mary Gaitskill on the Power of Fiction for 2019-07-08 05:00:00Mary Gaitskill, the author of the novella “This is Pleasure,” discusses workplace harassment, the impact of #MeToo, and how she expects re

Sunday Reading: Summer Travel 2019-07-07 05:00:00From The New Yorker’s archive, pieces by Calvin Trillin, Jill Lepore, David Sedaris, Alice Gregory, Daniel Mendelsohn, and T. Coraghessan on uni

“Everyone Cried” 2019-07-04 05:00:00Lydia Davis’s flash-fiction story “Everyone Cried,” about sadness and living in the world.

What Does It Mean to Be a “Real” 2019-07-03 05:00:00Hermione Hoby writes about Lucy Ives’s “Loudermilk: Or, the Real Poet; Or, the Origin of the World” and Mona Awad’s “Bun

“Uncle Jim Called,” by David Rabe 2019-07-01 05:00:00Fiction by David Rabe: “I held my breath, trying to hear. But I couldn’t understand a word. Or, rather, a word here and there was all

David Rabe on the Netherworld of Fiction 2019-07-01 05:00:00Deborah Treisman interviews David Rabe, about “Uncle Jim Called,” his short story from the July 8 & 15, 2019, issue of The New Yorker.

The Last Poems of James Tate 2019-07-01 05:00:00Dan Chiasson reviews the poetry of James Tate, who mastered the art of absurdist endings in the course of his career.

“Conflation,” by Andrea Cohen 2019-07-01 05:00:00Poetry by Andrea Cohen: “I took riflery in school, and Marriage 101.”

“Leviathan,” by Timothy Donnelly 2019-07-01 05:00:00Poetry by Timothy Donnelly: “My citizenship is most acutely / felt at night.”

The Imperfect, Unfinished Work of Women’s Suffrage 2019-07-01 05:00:00A century after the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, it’s worth remembering why suffragists had to fight so hard, and who was

Rudyard Kipling in America 2019-07-01 05:00:00Charles McGrath on what happened to the great defender of Empire when he settled in the United States.

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‘Charged’ examines the role of prosecutors in the 2019-06-19 00:08:50‘Charged’ examines the role of prosecutors in the U.S. justice system

Intimidated by verse? ‘Don’t Read Poetry’ explores how 2019-06-19 00:08:50Intimidated by verse? ‘Don’t Read Poetry’ explores how to enjoy poems.

Lee Krasner: abstract expressionist painter in her own 2019-06-19 00:08:50Lee Krasner: abstract expressionist painter in her own right

This summer’s buzziest book club read: The Mueller 2019-06-19 00:08:50The Mueller report can be intimidating. Book clubs have emerged to get Americans to read, and engage over, the divisive publication. 

‘Becoming Dr. Seuss’ opens up the author-illustrator’s world 2019-06-19 00:08:50‘Becoming Dr. Seuss’ opens up the author-illustrator’s world

A restless, kaleidoscopic view of an empire’s legacy 2019-06-19 00:08:50A restless, kaleidoscopic view of an empire’s legacy

‘Jurassic Park’ fans could learn a lot about 2019-06-19 00:08:50‘Jurassic Park’ fans could learn a lot about real dinosaurs in this book

The 10 best books of June to read 2019-06-19 00:08:50The 10 best books of June to read while you soak up the sun

Wendell Berry takes a stand on stewardship of 2019-06-19 00:08:50Wendell Berry takes a stand on stewardship of the earth

Penguin Classics adds four books by Asian Americans 2019-06-19 00:08:50Penguin Classics adds four books by Asian Americans to the canon

‘Pride and Prejudice,’ eh? What if Jane Austen 2019-06-19 00:08:50‘Pride and Prejudice,’ eh? What if Jane Austen were Muslim Canadian?

It’s information overload with ‘The Ministry of Truth’ 2019-06-19 00:08:50It’s information overload with ‘The Ministry of Truth’

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My Chernobyl Vacation Friend 2019-07-12 03:00:52They’d have looked like regular vacationers had it not been for a slightly startled expression they all shared. They followed the waiters obedie

‘Almost All of Us Here Are Widows’: Searching 2019-07-11 06:39:59I first met Fanta in the fens of the flooded Inner Niger Delta. I walked with her, taking the annular route her ancestors had established during the n

The American Dark Money Behind Europe’s Far Right 2019-07-10 03:00:13Along with Marine le Pen in France, Hungary’s Viktor Orbán, Italy’s Matteo Salvini is leading a startling resurgence of Europe&rsqu

The Murderer, the Writer, the Reckoning 2019-07-09 10:00:59On February 10, 2002, in a New York State prison cell, the bestselling author and twice-convicted killer Jack Abbott hanged himself. That same day, th

Iran’s Reformists: ‘This War Will Have Only Losers’ 2019-07-09 03:00:49As veteran members of the reformist movement in Iran, we are concerned about the mortal blow that even a limited military conflict with the United Sta

A Ferocious Heat in Delhi 2019-07-08 06:39:35This spring in Delhi, the temperature reached 113 degrees Fahrenheit, the first time in almost fifty years that the city had seen that kind of heat; o

A Universe of One’s Own 2019-07-07 09:30:21“Write me a creature who thinks as well as a man, or better than a man, but not like a man.” This was the challenge the influential scienc

A Long & Undeclared Emergency 2019-07-07 09:00:55India for the last five years has been in a state of internal siege. The radicalization of its public sphere has barely been noticed in the West. Inde

Dora Maar’s Piercing Gaze 2019-07-06 03:00:42This haunting show, in the cool gallery spaces high above the city that Dora Maar knew so well, makes it clear that she was indeed a star, a leading f

Carrying a Single Life: On Literature and Translation 2019-07-05 03:00:05Can we draw a link between the intricate and often modest work of writers and translators, and the bold and costly actions of activists? Is the work o

Tanks for the Memories: A Historical Tribute to 2019-07-03 07:38:58In a departure from traditional Independence Day celebrations on July 4 in Washington, D.C., Donald Trump decreed that this year’s event, which

Triumph and Disaster: The Tragic Hubris of Rudyard 2019-07-03 03:00:36For these next two weeks, the best tennis players in the world will enter Wimbledon’s fabled Center Court under two lines of poetry inscribed in