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Roddy Doyle Reads “Life Without Children” 2020-10-13 06:00:00On the “Writer’s Voice” podcast, Deborah Treisman hosts the author Roddy Doyle, who reads his story “Life Without Children,&rd

The United States of Dolly Parton 2020-10-12 06:00:00A voice for working-class women and an icon for all kinds of women, Parton has maintained her star power throughout life phases and political cycles,

Briefly Noted Book Reviews 2020-10-12 06:00:00“The Spymasters,” “Having and Being Had,” “The Perfect Nine,” and “Missionaries.”

The Heartsick Hilarity of John Berryman’s Letters 2020-10-12 06:00:00Tracking the poet’s chaotic, self-destructive life, his correspondence strains toward the condition of music, Anthony Lane writes.

Philosophy in the Shadow of Nazism 2020-10-12 06:00:00After the First World War, the members of the Vienna Circle tried to put European thought on a rigorously logical footing. Then th

Roddy Doyle on Writing from the Pandemic 2020-10-12 06:00:00Cressida Leyshon interviews the author Roddy Doyle about “Life Without Children,” his story from the October 19, 2020, issue of The New Yo

Sunday Reading: Our Far-Flung Correspondents 2020-10-11 06:00:00From The New Yorker’s archive: pieces by John McPhee, Jennie Erin Smith, Ian Frazier, Rebecca Solnit, and Ian Parker about the distant regions t

Nobel Laureate Louise Glück in The New Yorker 2020-10-09 17:02:06Hannah Aizenman tracks Louise Glück’s poetic trajectory through her work in The New Yorker.

How Louise Glück, Nobel Laureate, Became Our Poet 2020-10-08 13:44:15Dan Chiasson writes about the poetry of Louise Glück, who was awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature.

The D. H. Lawrence We Forgot 2020-10-08 06:00:00Frances Wilson discusses the rise and fall of D. H. Lawrence’s literary stature.

David Rabe Reads “Suffocation Theory” 2020-10-06 06:00:00On the “Writer’s Voice” podcast, Deborah Treisman hosts the author David Rabe, who reads his story “Suffocation Theory,”

David Rabe on Nightmares in Daily Life 2020-10-05 06:00:00Deborah Treisman interviews the author David Rabe about “Suffocation Theory,” his story from the October 12, 2020, issue of The New Yorker

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His appetite was legendary, his influence on food 2020-10-13 17:29:25James Beard championed American cuisine, mentored chefs, wrote cookbooks. His personal life was a struggle, as biographer John Birdsall explores.

Don’t write off Big Oil: The geopolitics of 2020-10-13 11:28:37Daniel Yergin’s “The New Map” provides a guide through the energy landscape, but gives short shrift to methane emissions and environ

Q&A with with Alan Mikhail, author of ‘God’s 2020-10-09 17:21:27His book about Sultan Selim I restores the Ottomans to their place in the making of the modern world and as a cultural force to be reckoned with.

Q&A with with David Michaelis, author of ‘Eleanor’ 2020-10-09 17:04:26America’s longest-serving first lady brought people’s everyday concerns to the White House, and made government seem more approachable.

Make an October date with Eleanor Roosevelt, Cary 2020-10-07 15:31:00The 10 best books of October make good company, from newly translated fiction to thoughtful and entertaining biographies.

The papyrus, the professor, and a scandal that 2020-10-06 17:37:33Journalist Ariel Sabar explores the story of a respected Bible scholar who believed she had proof that Christ Jesus and Mary Magdalen were married.

Notre Dame cathedral survived fire, war, and Napoleon’s 2020-10-06 13:36:15In “Notre-Dame: The Soul of Paris,” Agnès Poirier charts the 800-year history of the cathedral, a symbol of hope and endurance arou

100 years on, it’s no mystery why Agatha 2020-10-02 11:44:30The Queen of Mystery’s legendary plot twists and beloved characters have inspired legions of fans – especially mystery authors.

‘Jack’ proves Marilynne Robinson’s gift for delineating character 2020-10-01 10:18:25The fourth novel set in fictional Gilead is a prequel of sorts, focusing on the black sheep of the Boughton family and his relationship with Della.

Displaced: ‘The Last Million’ refugees to leave Europe 2020-09-30 17:04:34Resettlement of refugees – among them 25,000 Jewish people – proceeded slowly, with many nations closing their doors.

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Don’t Wish for a Restoration 2020-10-29 08:00:13During the last few years—and increasingly during the last few months—Americans have more and more come to resemble the passengers on the

Hopes for the American Experiment 2020-10-29 08:00:00As a historian of the early American republic, I’ve been asked a lot recently whether the country has ever seen a period like the one we have ex

Rashly Filling the Void 2020-10-29 08:00:00In an essay about his landmark novel, Native Son, Richard Wright argued that while the racial identity of his protagonist was essential to the storyli

Query 2020-10-29 08:00:00I am writing the biography of Morton Sobell, and would like to hear from anyone who knew him. David Evanier 917-671-7612 devanier@earthlink.net

China’s Clampdown on Hong Kong 2020-10-29 08:00:00As the 1997 handover of Hong Kong from Britain to China approached, commentary in the English-language press about the future of the colony was writte

Seeing Too Clearly 2020-10-29 08:00:00Not long ago, Hari Kunzru was asked in an interview, “What is the worst-case scenario for the future?” He answered with brutal lucidity: T

Learning to Grieve 2020-10-29 08:00:00“Maybe I didn’t die properly,” says Jamie (played by Alan Rickman) in Anthony Minghella’s early film Truly, Madly, Deeply. &ld

An Incandescent Inanity 2020-10-29 08:00:00Nikolai Gogol (1809–1852), Russia’s greatest comic writer, thoroughly baffled his contemporaries. Strange, peculiar, wacky, weird, bizarre

The Son 2020-10-29 08:00:00This song is dedicated, this song goes out, is for. I wrote it in a dream, the second-oldest song in the world. It’s about hours without wages,

Things as They Are 2020-10-29 08:00:00In 1966 the Museum of Modern Art held a retrospective devoted to Dorothea Lange—its first-ever solo exhibition of work by a female photographer.

Max Weber’s Agon 2020-10-29 08:00:00To the Editors: We appreciate Peter E. Gordon’s thoughtful review of Charisma and Disenchantment, our edition of Max Weber’s “vocati

Where Health Care Is a Human Right 2020-10-29 08:00:00In 2004 the CBC—Canada’s publicly funded broadcaster—produced a TV competition called The Greatest Canadian, which sought to crown a

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For October, 3 Romances That Give You Exactly 2020-10-29 07:00:27Predictability isn't always a bad thing — sometimes, it's a comfort. For October, our romance columnist rounds up three reads that give you ex

'Group' Destigmatizes And Demystifies Group Therapy, Without Lessons 2020-10-29 05:00:26In her memoir, Christie Tate sets a positive example in the telling of how group therapy saved her — and in the care she takes to never present

'The Dead Are Arising' Sheds Light On Malcolm 2020-10-28 10:10:00This isn't only a biography of Malcolm X; Les and Tamara Payne contextualize race in America prior to Malcolm's birth, and take a nuanced, unflinchi

'Memorial' Is A Debut Novel That Feels Like 2020-10-28 08:08:11Bryan Washington's eagerly awaited first novel is set in Houston — just like his short stories — and follows two young gay men whose rela

Pentagon Says 2 Men Killed In Baghdadi Raid 2020-10-27 16:31:30After NPR reported claims of civilian deaths in the operation against the ISIS chief, Central Command says the men showed "hostile intent," but it f

Echoes Of Today's Unrest Run Through 'The Cold 2020-10-27 16:11:00Jess Walter's new novel an adventure tale based on actual events in the early days of the last century's labor movement — which was much wilde

Biography Traces Political Mistakes And Personal Scars That 2020-10-27 13:27:23The New Yorker's Evan Osnos writes about the candidate's enduring quest to become president. He says Joe Biden has a different mindset today than he

Diane di Prima, Beat Poet And Activist, Dead 2020-10-27 12:04:08Di Prima wrote over 40 books of poetry and memoir, including her collection the radical and political Revolutionary Letters,

'Kindred' Dismantles Simplistic Views Of Neanderthals 2020-10-27 10:12:00Rebecca Wragg Sykes describes evidence show