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'Choose Your Own Adventure' publisher sues Netflix over 2019-01-11 13:48:00Netflix's choose-your-own-adventure style film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is the subject of a new lawsuit, brought against the streaming giant by Cho

China cracks down on Twitter users critical of 2019-01-11 13:10:00It won't surprise you to hear that China keeps a tight lid on homegrown social networks, but it's now doing more to stifle free expression on outsid

'Red Dead Online' gets a 32-player battle royale 2019-01-11 12:42:00Rockstar continues to expand the Red Dead Online beta, and its latest update will seem particularly familiar. The studio has added a Gun Rush mode tha

Researchers may have witnessed the birth of a 2019-01-11 12:18:00Researchers believe they might have an explanation for an incredibly bright event that took place in a distant dwarf galaxy. Scientists observed it la

Government shutdown has left several US agency websites 2019-01-11 11:55:00Agency websites are among the many facets of the US government that the ongoing shutdown has affected, as more than 80 TLS certificates on government

Caper's smart shopping cart uses AI to skip 2019-01-11 11:25:00From cashierless Amazon Go stores to Walmart's self-driving vans for food drop-offs, tech is revolutionizing grocery shopping with an emphasis on spe

How Royole built the world's first foldable phone 2019-01-11 11:00:00 Samsung has grand ambitions for its forthcoming, foldable phone, but China's Royole somehow beat the tech titan (and everyone else) to market. He

'New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe' hits the 2019-01-11 10:31:00Nintendo has given another stellar Wii U title the deluxe Switch treatment in the hopes that more people will play it on a system that's actually pop

The Owlet Band monitors your unborn baby while 2019-01-11 10:00:00Owlet is known for making connected baby monitors and teeny tiny smart socks (yes, really), but its latest innovation is built to use before baby is a

CES 2019 recap: it's a wrap! 2019-01-11 09:30:00

'Baby Shark' has gone so viral it's now 2019-01-11 09:15:00Unless you spent the latter half of 2018 on the moon with your hands over your ears, it's highly likely you're at least aware of Baby Shark, the inf

A look inside Dolby Vision and Atmos at 2019-01-11 09:00:00 It's hard to believe, but we've only been talking about Dolby's Vision and Atmos tech for a few years. Now they're not only inside most of the

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AMD announces the $699 Radeon VII: 7nm Vega, 2019-01-09 17:42:02New card should close the gap with Nvidia's RTX 2080.

Lenovo takes on Microsoft’s Surface Studio with its 2019-01-09 14:05:53Lenovo even has its own dial.

Tim Cook points at new services and health-tech 2019-01-09 10:16:29Apple's CEO doesn't hold back when talking services, wearables, and Qualcomm.

Guidemaster: How to buy a Chromebook, plus our 2019-01-09 08:00:35The Chrome OS landscape is vast—Ars is here to help you navigate it.

Old, meet new: Sony introduces a wireless turntable 2019-01-09 07:16:37Retro-chic device brings modern features and a digital twist to analog music.

Intel sets out its plans for 2019: Ice 2019-01-08 14:20:33The company finally has some real 10nm products on the way.

Lenovo’s Smart Clock is the Google Assistant’s answer 2019-01-08 14:00:16$80 alarm clock is made out of cloth, looks just like a Google Home.

Dell finally nixes the up-nose webcam in the 2019-01-08 13:00:51After years of an unfortunate placement, the webcam now sits atop the display.

Alienware’s new Area-51m brings a new design, RTX 2019-01-08 13:00:19Plus a new 17-incher and new Dell G Series gaming laptops for those on a budget.

Amazon attempts less-creepy delivery by placing packages in 2019-01-08 09:54:38Amazon's still trying to get customers to open up part of their homes for deliveries.

Razer announces a gaming monitor, haptic feedback PC 2019-01-08 09:00:22And did we mention RGB? So, so much RGB.

Next-generation ThinkPad X1: More carbon fiber for one, 2019-01-07 20:00:49The annual refresh puts the focus on building materials.

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Chamberlain Group acquires Lockitron and Tend for its 2019-01-09 20:27:29Chamberlain Group, which owns several security and access brands including the myQ smart garage hub, has added two new companies to its portfolio: con

Hands-on with Ledger’s Bluetooth crypto hardware wallet 2019-01-09 19:42:42French startup Ledger unveiled a new hardware wallet at CES this week. While the device isn’t going to ship until March, the company let me play

This extra-large handheld Nintendo works (and feels) like 2019-01-09 16:25:58Handheld retro gaming machines come and go, but few go so simply and effectively to the point as My Arcade's Retro Champ. You stick in your NES cartr

This hole-digging drone parachutes in to get the 2019-01-09 13:17:10A new drone from the NIMBUS group at the University of Nebraska can fall out of a plane, parachute down, fly to a certain place, dig a hole, hide sens

Put Alexa and a JBL speaker in your 2019-01-09 13:05:50This light makes the smart home even more accessible. Installed as any other ceiling downlight, the June AI downlight features Amazon Alexa through in

DJI drones can fly over crowds if they 2019-01-09 12:48:50Most of the time, commercial and personal drones are not allowed to fly over groups of people. For safety, obviously. Indemnis’ drone parachute

See you tonight in Vegas 2019-01-09 12:45:01We will be holding a small event during CES in Las Vegas and we want to see you! We’re looking to meet some cool hardware and crypto startups, s

Daily Crunch: Well Facebook, you did it again 2019-01-09 12:10:11The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox ever

Amazon hires Disney SVP Kyle Laughlin as director 2019-01-09 11:54:05Amazon has hired Disney SVP Kyle Laughlin to head its Alexa Gadgets division, TechCrunch has learned. Laughlin spent eight years at Disney, most recen

The world’s first foldable phone is real 2019-01-08 21:13:02People have been talking about foldable smartphones for years, but it’s finally happening. Chinese company Royole was showing off the FlexPai at

The best and worst of CES 2019: Monster 2019-01-08 17:25:19CES 2019 is here and there has been a lot of technology announced at the show. From the latest autonomous vehicle technology to the coolest personal g

See you tomorrow in Las Vegas 2019-01-08 16:53:59We will be holding a small event during CES in Las Vegas and we want to see you! We’re looking to meet some cool hardware and crypto startups, s


CES 2019 Liveblog Day 3: Wednesday’s News and 2019-01-09 20:58:00This year’s CES, one of the biggest consumer tech showcases in the world, continues Wednesday. Join us for live updates from the show in Las Veg

CES 2019: More of the Coolest Stuff We've 2019-01-09 07:00:00We've played with a bunch of great new consumer products here at CES. Here are the neatest things we saw on day two.

Ignore 5G, for Now 2019-01-09 07:00:00Want the super-fast mobile speeds promised by 5G technology? Come back in a year.

CES 2019 Liveblog Day 2: Tuesday’s News and 2019-01-08 20:31:00This year’s CES, one of the biggest consumer tech showcases in the world, continues Tuesday. Join us for live updates from the show in Las Vegas

Keep a Daily Planner in 2019—for Yourself and 2019-01-08 18:44:30Does your planner need to be Insta-worthy? No. But a decorative, multi-colored, stickered planner just might help you love your to-do list.

Google's New Interpreter Mode Translates Your Conversation 2019-01-08 14:00:00If you want to ask a favor of the Parisian concierge, but maybe your French is too rusty, let Google do the talking.

CES 2019: All the Coolest Stuff We've Seen 2019-01-08 10:00:00In the sea of consumer products that is CES 2019, a few gems stand out. This is the neatest tech we've seen at the show.

CES 2019 Liveblog Day 1: News and Photos 2019-01-07 23:02:00This year's CES, one of the biggest consumer tech showcases in the world, starts Monday morning. Join us for live updates from the show in Las Vegas,

Intel Lakefield Brings Its 3D Chip-Stacking Tech to 2019-01-07 19:45:00Weeks after introducing Foveros, its 3D logic stacking technology, Intel has shown off a motherboard that puts it to use.

CES 2019: Samsung TVs Score iTunes and a 2019-01-06 22:54:30Samsung shows off new televisions at CES, and says iTunes will soon join its smart TV offerings.

What Is XR, and How Do I Get 2019-01-05 07:00:00A new shiny thing called XR—an umbrella term encompassing augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technologies—is the industry's new favori

14 Tech and Outdoors Deals: Mario Kart, Apple 2019-01-05 07:00:00From smart speakers to PopSockets, we have your weekend shopping covered.

Geeky Gadgets

Save 97% on the The Complete Front-End Developer 2019-01-11 11:01:50We have a great deal on the Complete Front-End Developer Bundle over at the Geeky Gadgets Deals store. You can get the Complete Front-End Developer Bu

New Nissan Frontier truck expected in near future 2019-01-11 08:35:18The mid-size truck market is booming right now with the Jeep Gladiator coming soon and the new Ford Ranger. Nissan is by many accounts the least popul

Apple will apparently launch three new iPhones this 2019-01-11 08:30:06Last year Apple launched three new iPhones, these includes the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. According to a recent report, Apple is also pla

Reminder: Save 83% On The Mondly Lifetime Subscription 2019-01-11 08:10:58We have a great deal on the Mondly Lifetime Subscription in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store today and you can save 83% off the normal price. There are t

Gemini FHD and 4K touchscreen portable displays soon 2019-01-11 07:49:56Developers, programmers and professionals searching for a small portable display may be interested in two new screens created by Gemini offering eithe

Arduino E-Z COMMS Shield adds speech to your 2019-01-11 07:39:53Hardware designer and serial Kickstarter entrepreneur Patrick Thomas Mitchell has taken to Kickstarter for the 30th time to launch his new Arduino E-Z

Bungie splits from Activision 2019-01-11 07:23:28In a surprise announcement today Bungie and Activision have announced they will be parting ways, with Bungie assuming full publishing rights and respo

Nokia 6.2 specifications revealed 2019-01-11 07:17:43It looks like we have some details on the successor to the Nokia 6.1, the new Nokia 6.2 as some specifications for the handset have been leaked. Nokia

MSI Trident X compact PC features NVIDIA GeForce 2019-01-11 07:12:50At CES 2019 this week MSI has unveiled a new range of compact PC systems which can be equipped with NVIDIA’s latest GeForce RTX 2080 graphics. T

Save 97% on the 2019 Blockchain Developer Mastery 2019-01-11 07:01:26We have a great deal on the 2019 Blockchain Developer Mastery Bundle in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store today, you can save 97% on the 2019 Blockchain D

Raspberry Pi DAQ HAT $99 2019-01-11 06:47:47Measurement Computing Corp. (MCC) now has available a new voltage output and DIO DAQ HAT for Raspberry Pi which can be stacked eight high. The Raspber

Retro Champ handheld game system 2019-01-11 06:35:26A new retro games console will be launched later this year by MyArcade, sometime around June 2019, in the form of the Retro Champ a handheld game syst

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How to Reset Your iPhone or iPad 2019-01-11 10:38:17It is easy to erase all content and settings on your iPhone or iPad and reset it to its factory state. Here's how you can reset your iPhone.

How to Download Facebook Videos on Android, iPhone, 2019-01-11 10:33:40Here's how you can download Facebook videos across all platforms, be it a PC - Windows, Mac, or Linux - an Android device, an iPhone or an iPad.

You Can't Watch Kingdom Hearts 3's Epilogue Without 2019-01-11 10:13:48Kingdom Hearts 3 epilogue can only viewed if you have an Internet connection. Square Enix forces users to go online using underhanded tactics like thi

Honor View 20 Pre-Bookings Open With Free Honor 2019-01-11 10:04:42Honor View 20 price in India looks set to be around Rs. 40,000 and pre-bookings for the smartphone are now open via the Honor India website.

Honor View 20 Said to Launch In India 2019-01-11 09:02:50Honor View 20 price in India will be nearly Rs. 40,000, IANS reports.

Xiaomi-Backed Yi Home Camera 3 Launched With Smart 2019-01-11 09:02:27Xiaomi-backed YI Technologies has launched the YI Home Camera 3 which comes with AI-based notifications feature and is priced at $40.

PC Shipments Decline in Q4 Primarily Due to 2019-01-11 08:55:46IDC shows that the worldwide PC shipments outperformed the forecast of 4.7 percent decline by showing a fall of 3.7 percent year-over-year.

After Xiaomi, Realme Said to Be Developing 48-Megapixel 2019-01-11 08:41:21CEO Madhav Sheth reportedly confirmed that Realme is planning to launch its exclusive experience stores in India this year.

User Loses Appeal in 'Employment' Contract Case in 2019-01-11 08:21:21Uber has lost an appeal in France brought by a former driver who wanted his terms of employment recognised as a fully-fledged work contract.

Iran-Based Hackers Behind a Worldwide DNS Hijacking Campaign: 2019-01-11 08:18:12Iran-based cyber criminals are said to be behind a sophisticated "unprecedented" hacking campaign targeting entities across the globe.

Huawei Employee Amongst 2 Arrested by Poland Over 2019-01-11 08:13:55Poland has arrested a Chinese employee of Huawei and a Polish national involved in cyber business on allegations of spying, Polish media reported on F

Honor 10, Honor Play Receiving Android Pie-Based EMUI 2019-01-11 08:13:00The update brings features like full-screen gestures, GPU Turbo 2.0, Translation, AI Shopping, HiVision visual search, Password Vault, Wireless Sharin

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