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15th of December 2018


Conductive Hydrogel Could Replace Rigid Electrodes

Conductive Hydrogel Could Replace Rigid ElectrodesNov-27-18 A new graphene-enhanced hydrogel could replace the stiff electrodes used in brain implants.

Today’s electrode brain implants are usually made up of rigid materials that have been wrapped in a soft, conductive polymer—which makes the implants even larger. To offer a smaller, less intrusive option, researchers from the University of the Basque Country and the University of Strasbourg created a starch-based hydrogel made conductive with the addition of graphene, which they stabilized with an extract from the saliva plant. The team hopes that in time, the hydrogel could be used as an alternative to the stiff, metal electrodes.

More Info about this Invention: [NEWATLAS.COM][EHU.EUS]

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