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18th of December 2018


Electronic Glove Offers Unprecedented Dexterity

Electronic Glove Offers Unprecedented DexterityNov-28-18 An electronic glove could enable robots to manipulate objects with the same sensitivity and dexterity of human hands.

Developed by a team from Stanford University, the sensor-laden glove was based on the bumpy, spinosum sublayer of the human skin, which can detect shear force, among other things. To mimic this human capability, the team created a sensor made up of three flexible layers: a top and bottom layer equipped with facing grids of electrical lines that function as sensing pixel clusters and separated by a rubber insulator. This arrangement allows the sensors to detect the intensity and direction of movement (shear force), which in turn enables the robot to safely grasp an object as fragile as a berry.

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More Info about this Invention: [FORBES.COM][NEWS.STANFORD.EDU]

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