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16th of December 2018


Graphene-Reinforced Hydrogel is Stiffer and Smarter

Graphene-Reinforced Hydrogel is Stiffer and SmarterNov-26-18 A new smart material made from seaweed reinforced with graphene could have applications in medicine and shipping.

While alginate hydrogels have been used successfully in medicine, the gel’s fragility limits its applications. To widen that range, the team from Brown University incorporated graphene into the hydrogel to reinforce its structure. The result was a material that can be 3D-printed as a stable shape that will also become stiffer or softer in response to its environment.

Along with its biomedical applications, the team believes the reinforced hydrogel could be used as an antifouling coating on ships, with its extra stiffness increasing its durability.

Graphene-Reinforced Hydrogel is Stiffer and SmarterMore Info about this Invention: [CO.UK][PHYS.ORG]

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