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15th of December 2018


VitalTag Helps First Responders Keep Tabs on Patients

VitalTag Helps First Responders Keep Tabs on PatientsNov-27-18 The VitalTag system helps save lives by making it easier to monitor patients during mass casualty events.

Developed by the team at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the patent-pending Vital Tag is designed to be used by first responders during a mass casualty event where the patients outnumber the responders. The VitalTag sensors attach to the patient’s sternum, finger and ear, where they monitor vital signs and detect if the victim is going into shock. The information is transmitted wirelessly to a central unit, allowing any changes in vital signs to be immediately detected by the responder manning the main control.

VitalTag Helps First Responders Keep Tabs on PatientsMore Info about this Invention: [PHYS.ORG][AVAILABLETECHNOLOGIES.PNNL.GOV]

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