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16th of December 2018


Salty Hydrogel Harvests Water from the Air

Salty Hydrogel Harvests Water from the AirNov-26-18 An innovative new water harvesting device relies on a salty hydrogel to harvest drinking water from low-moisture air.

Developed by the team from KAUST, the key component of the device is a hydrogel containing the common salt calcium chloride and a small number of carbon nanotubes. The salt can absorb large amounts of water from the air, which is then held inside the solid polymer hydrogel. When the hydrogel heats up in the sun (thanks to the carbon nanotubes), the water vapor is released and subsequently captured when it condenses within the device.

Salty Hydrogel Harvests Water from the AirMore Info about this Invention: [NEWATLAS.COM][DISCOVERY.KAUST]

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