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'Project Power' Is a Secret Lesson About Science's New! 2020-08-13 21:00:00Netflix's new film updates a played-out superhero trope with a hidden message about the evils of human experimentation.

Epic Games' Lawsuits Fire a Shot at Apple New! 2020-08-13 17:59:22The Fortnite developer filed suits today in California that suggest it may even want to launch its own app stores on iOS and Android.

ISIS Allegedly Ran a Covid-19 PPE Scam Site New! 2020-08-13 16:17:51The Justice Department says that an agent of the terrorist organization operated FaceMaskCenter.com, in part of a series of cryptocurrency-related com

Motorola Edge and Edge Plus Review: 2-Day Battery 2020-08-13 09:00:00Motorola's first flagships in years are fantastic in many ways, but the Edge and Edge Plus have high price tags and too many quirks.

The Logic Around Contact Tracing Apps Is All 2020-08-13 09:00:00Rather than tracking individual exposures, we should be using them for real-time info on what activities and locations may be responsible for the spre

Samsung's Galaxy Buds Live Review: Weird But Good 2020-08-13 08:00:00They won't grow a magic beanstalk, but the Galaxy Buds Live offer a unique fit, good sound with decent noise-canceling, and a price that's easy to s

A Plan to Turn Military Bases Into ‘Sandboxes’ 2020-08-13 08:00:00A top Trump adviser outlines a blueprint for experimenting with wireless tech on bases and using software to counter China's lead in hardware.

Should We Conserve Parasites? Apparently, Yes 2020-08-13 07:00:00A group of ecologists and biologists say the world's ticks, leeches, and tapeworms need love and conservation, too. Now they've got a 12-point plan.

Photoshop Will Help ID Images That Have Been 2020-08-13 07:00:00Adobe is adding technology to tag images with metadata, part of an effort to identify deepfakes and other efforts at manipulation.

She Helped Wreck the News Business. Here’s Her 2020-08-13 07:00:00Nandini Jammi’s advertiser boycotts scared brands away from journalism and into shady ad tech. Now she wants to teach marketers to think for the

One IT Guy’s Spreadsheet-Fueled Race to Restore Voting 2020-08-13 06:00:00This fall, thousands will show up to vote only to find out they’ve been purged. Lots of activists—and one Ohio man with lots of cats&mdash

An Alexa Bug Could Have Exposed Your Voice 2020-08-13 06:00:00Amazon has patched the flaw, but its discovery underscores the importance of locking down your voice assistant interactions.

IdeaConnection :: Inventions

Robotic Bricklayer 2020-08-03 07:00:00FBR, an Australian startup, is innovating the construction industry with it's new Hadrian X robot.

"HAPPI" Dance 2020-08-03 07:00:00While hemorrhages are easily treated in hospitals, getting a trauma victim there can prove troublesome and sometimes fatal, since current clotting age

Disinfect, Power up 2020-07-31 07:00:00We're living in a historic period of time. Fending off COVID-19 can sometimes prove difficult when your most useful items (keys, wallet, phone) are a

Recycled Bricks 2020-07-30 07:00:00A group of engineers from the Heriot-Watt University in Scotland started a company called Kenoteq, which designed an environmentally friendly brick.

Sea-trek 2020-07-29 07:00:00You've heard of smartwatches, you've heard of futuristic smart glasses, but have you ever heard of smart goggles? Well, today is the day!

Generating For Generations 2020-07-28 07:00:00Renewable energy has been the center of attention for many years. But what if the answer was right under our noses, or should I say, over our heads? O

Master Antidote 2020-07-20 07:00:00By clearing toxins from our blood stream, our red blood cells ensure we stay healthy. However, just like human beings, absorbing too big of a dose of

Defeating Covid-19 2020-07-16 07:00:00Researchers from the University of Houston developed, in collaboration with others, an air filter that can kill SARS-CoV-2, commonly known as Coronavi

Catalyzing Our Fuel 2020-07-16 07:00:00The main problem with our Navy today is refueling. Other than nuclear-powered ships such as aircraft carriers and submarines, the fleet must travel wi

The Man and The Machine 2020-07-15 07:00:00We are facing a new industrial revolution, machines and artificial intelligence are becoming more and more important and present in the workspace. The

Shady Tunes 2020-07-15 07:00:00Have you ever heard of bluetooth sunglasses? No, not to control the level of shade but to control your music. Yes, you read that correctly: Zungle eye

A Thrust In The Right Direction 2020-07-14 07:00:00Electric land vehicles are becoming more and more common, and so could electric airplanes be in the future.

Phys.org: Hi Tech &

New robotic system remotely controls ventilators in COVID-19 2020-08-12 16:03:46A new robotic system allows medical staff to remotely operate ventilators and other bedside machines from outside intensive care rooms of patients suf

GPS, watch out. Here comes China's system 2020-08-12 12:50:01COVID-19 may have left roads around the globe barren of cars, but it hasn't stopped China from claiming leadership over the world of navigation and d

Road test: Chinese 'robotaxis' take riders for a 2020-08-09 15:43:27Chinese entrants in the race to put autonomous vehicles on the road are bringing "robotaxis" online in hopes that a hired-car format can be the key

Drivers respond to vehicle pre-crash warnings with levels 2020-08-05 16:07:46A collision avoidance system, or pre-crash alert generated by a vehicle, can often be found as an optional safety feature in today's vehicles to help

Researchers draw from 'Star Wars' in developing artificial 2020-08-05 16:06:41The Force is strong with these scientists.

Will next AirPods feature bone conduction? 2020-07-31 16:40:01Will Apple's next big air bud project be called iBone?

New high-capacity embedded memory uses half as much 2020-07-31 09:30:42Researchers at EPFL and Bar Ilan University have developed a new type of embedded memory that takes up half as much space as traditional memory—

Wearable haptics simulate sense of touch in virtual 2020-07-24 10:49:05Adding to the richness of virtual reality, EPFL researchers have created soft actuators that can simulate the feeling of touching a virtual object wit

Self-powered user-interactive electronic skin for programmable touch operation 2020-07-23 06:50:01User-interactive electronic skin can map the sense of touch through electronic readouts to provide visual output as a readable response. However, the

Investigating 3-D-printed structures in real time 2020-07-22 09:28:20A team of scientists working at the National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II) at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Brookhaven National La

Next-generation office entry sees surge in interest during 2020-07-21 15:42:39James Segil and Alex Kazerani thought they were onto something when they introduced technology to make it easier for workers to enter office buildings

3-D hand-sensing wristband signals future of wearable tech 2020-07-21 03:05:35In a potential breakthrough in wearable sensing technology, researchers from Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin, Madison, have designe

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Amazon expands who can access its Braket quantum New! 2020-08-14 08:13:38Amazon Web Services has given a full launch to Braket, its service for companies to design and use their own quantum computing algorithms. The post A

7 things you need to know for working New! 2020-08-14 08:00:59From better ways of achieving diversity to standing out while job searching, here’s some expert advice to help you work during and after Covid-1

Google adds new Covid-19 information to travel searches New! 2020-08-14 07:13:55Google has announced new features that aim to give holidaymakers more confidence in their choice of hotel and tourist attraction, while reminding them

New method aims to see extreme space weather New! 2020-08-14 06:36:22A newly developed way to see fast coronal mass ejections on the sun could help us predict when extreme space weather is heading for Earth. The post N

N26 staff say confidence in management is at New! 2020-08-14 06:33:10Workers at N26 have met to elect a works council, after the company filed an injunction against the organisers of the election. N26 has said that the

Three Aer Lingus pilots use downtime to raise New! 2020-08-14 05:32:09A group of pilots grounded during the Covid-19 pandemic have put the downtime to use, raising nearly €530,000 for their airline communications st

Fortnite creator files antitrust suits against Apple and New! 2020-08-14 05:09:52After Fortnite was pulled from Apple and Google’s app stores for creating its own in-app payments system, Epic Games has taken legal action. The

Dublin’s Zipp Mobility begins e-scooter trials in the New! 2020-08-14 04:44:37Irish start-up Zipp Mobility has received approval to begin trialling its e-scooter transport system in the UK. The post Dublin’s Zipp Mobility

Extra supports may be launched for SMEs in New! 2020-08-14 04:15:45As Kildare, Laois and Offaly deal with the impact of local Covid-19 restrictions, the Government is expected to offer extra supports to eligible SMEs

3 things you should focus on if you’re New! 2020-08-14 02:59:13UCD’s Andrew Hines and Pheobe Sun share their advice for limiting Zoom fatigue by focusing on the audio experience of your calls. The post 3 thi

Kleos to launch reconnaissance satellites with SpaceX flight 2020-08-13 08:35:42Kleos Space aims to launch a cluster of satellites that will be used to deliver a reconnaissance data product that will help to disrupt illegal activi

England antibody test estimates 3.4m people may have 2020-08-13 07:49:21A sample study involving 100,000 people in England found 6pc had antibodies to the coronavirus. The post England antibody test estimates 3.4m people

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