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10th of December 2018


Artifical Joint Provides Natural Wrist Motion

Artifical Joint Provides Natural Wrist MotionNov-28-18 An innovative prosthetic joint that restores rotary motion provides a more natural wrist movement for forearm amputees.

Developed by an international team of researchers, the artificial joint connects directly to the user’s forearm bones via osseointegrated implants developed by a partner company in the project, Integrum AB. The artificial joint interfaces with the implants and the prosthetic hand, allowing for more natural and intuitive movements such as wrist rotation.

According to one of the study co-authors, Irene Boni, "Our new device offers a much more natural range of movement, minimizing the need for compensatory movements of the shoulder or torso, which could dramatically improve the day to day lives of many forearm amputees."

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More Info about this Invention: [NEWATLAS.COM][CHALMERS.SE]

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