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16th of December 2018


Nanotube Web De-Ices Planes Faster

Nanotube Web De-Ices Planes FasterNov-27-18 A nanotube web-based system from the team at Queen’s University can remove the ice from a plane’s wing within only fifteen seconds.

The new de-icing system relies on a carbon nanotube web aligned in a way that causes the CNTs to heat rapidly when subjected to a current. The nanotube web was then cured inside a thin, glass fiber laminate and connected to a power supply. In tests, the CNT heater was able to quickly reach a temperature warm enough to melt ice, offering a way to rapidly de-ice an aircraft while also providing ice protection during flight.

Nanotube Web De-Ices Planes FasterMore Info about this Invention: [CO.UK][BRITISHPLASTIC.CO.UK]

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