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Cheap Gear Under $20: Phone Lenses, Pocketknives, and New! 2020-08-08 09:00:00Do you need a small, cheap way to improve your life? These are the affordable pick-me-ups that we can't live without.

The NSA's Tips to Keep Your Phone From New! 2020-08-08 09:00:00Plus: A Canon ransomware hack, a nasty Twitter bug, and more of the week's top security news.

How to Use Nearby Share on Android New! 2020-08-08 08:00:00Just like AirDrop on Apple devices, you're now able to send almost anything to your contacts close by.

A Satellite Spots 11 New Emperor Penguin Colonies New! 2020-08-08 08:00:00Good news! An orbiter saw signs of almost a dozen previously uncounted colonies in Antarctica, boosting known numbers for a threatened species.

Intel Is Investigating How Confidential Data Ended Up New! 2020-08-08 08:00:00The leak contains information that the company makes available to partners and customers under NDA. A researcher says it came from a breach.

How to Plan a Road Trip During the 2020-08-08 07:00:00You might have had to cancel your trip to Hawaii, but you can still go on an end-of-summer expedition.

15 Best Weekend Deals: Headphones, Phones, TVs, and 2020-08-08 07:00:00From $5 iPhone cases to a discounted LG OLED, we've rounded up sales on some of our favorite gear.

As Restaurants Move to the Cloud, Something Is 2020-08-08 07:00:00Thousands of eateries are closing amid the pandemic. Delivery specialists are popping up, but some worry about a loss of culture and community.

Home Office Setup Guide: The Best Gear for 2020-08-07 20:00:00Do you need a monitor, desk, webcam, laptop, microphone, or pair of headphones? Here's our ultimate laundry list of recommended gear to improve your

Hackers Flood Reddit With Pro-Trump Takeovers 2020-08-07 16:22:54By apparently compromising moderator accounts, the attackers were able to post MAGA materials all over at least 70 popular subreddits.

Trump’s Executive Orders Hurt More Than TikTok and 2020-08-07 16:00:19The president’s latest actions against China may affect US tech firms, and Americans who communicate overseas through the social apps.

'Ultima' Fandom Is Still Going Strong 2020-08-07 12:00:00Need proof? 'Spam Spam Spam Humbug,' a podcast dedicated to the computer role-playing games, is now in its fifth year.

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Robotic Bricklayer 2020-08-03 07:00:00FBR, an Australian startup, is innovating the construction industry with it's new Hadrian X robot.

"HAPPI" Dance 2020-08-03 07:00:00While hemorrhages are easily treated in hospitals, getting a trauma victim there can prove troublesome and sometimes fatal, since current clotting age

Disinfect, Power up 2020-07-31 07:00:00We're living in a historic period of time. Fending off COVID-19 can sometimes prove difficult when your most useful items (keys, wallet, phone) are a

Recycled Bricks 2020-07-30 07:00:00A group of engineers from the Heriot-Watt University in Scotland started a company called Kenoteq, which designed an environmentally friendly brick.

Sea-trek 2020-07-29 07:00:00You've heard of smartwatches, you've heard of futuristic smart glasses, but have you ever heard of smart goggles? Well, today is the day!

Generating For Generations 2020-07-28 07:00:00Renewable energy has been the center of attention for many years. But what if the answer was right under our noses, or should I say, over our heads? O

Master Antidote 2020-07-20 07:00:00By clearing toxins from our blood stream, our red blood cells ensure we stay healthy. However, just like human beings, absorbing too big of a dose of

Defeating Covid-19 2020-07-16 07:00:00Researchers from the University of Houston developed, in collaboration with others, an air filter that can kill SARS-CoV-2, commonly known as Coronavi

Catalyzing Our Fuel 2020-07-16 07:00:00The main problem with our Navy today is refueling. Other than nuclear-powered ships such as aircraft carriers and submarines, the fleet must travel wi

The Man and The Machine 2020-07-15 07:00:00We are facing a new industrial revolution, machines and artificial intelligence are becoming more and more important and present in the workspace. The

Shady Tunes 2020-07-15 07:00:00Have you ever heard of bluetooth sunglasses? No, not to control the level of shade but to control your music. Yes, you read that correctly: Zungle eye

A Thrust In The Right Direction 2020-07-14 07:00:00Electric land vehicles are becoming more and more common, and so could electric airplanes be in the future.

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Device found able to reduce noise in simulated 2020-07-17 10:30:01A team of researchers at Invictus Medical has found via simulated testing that their Neoasis active noise control device is able to reduce the noise l

Engineer creates a battery-less remote image sensor, and 2020-07-16 10:47:40Imagine a small, inexpensive device that could look at a parking lot to see which spaces are filled and which are not. Or one that could find traffic

Scientists build high-performing hybrid solar energy converter 2020-07-15 14:55:18Tulane University researchers are part of a team of scientists who have developed a hybrid solar energy converter that generates electricity and steam

Drones and artificial intelligence show promise for conservation 2020-07-14 11:39:15Farmland bird species are declining over most of Europe. Birds breeding on the ground are particularly vulnerable because they are exposed to mechanic

The new tattoo: Drawing electronics on skin 2020-07-13 16:31:03One day, people could monitor their own health conditions by simply picking up a pencil and drawing a bioelectronic device on their skin. In a new stu

Mini-LED, Micro-LED, and OLED displays: Present status and 2020-07-13 11:26:43Display technology has become ubiquitous in our daily life; its widespread applications cover smartphones, tablets, desktop monitors, TVs, data projec

Musk says Tesla close to developing fully autonomous 2020-07-09 12:34:08Tesla founder Elon Musk said Thursday that the world's recently crowned most valuable auto company could achieve a fully autonomous car by the end of

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Why Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming won’t be available 2020-08-07 08:56:10Despite positive early signs, it has been confirmed that xCloud video game streaming will not be coming to the App Store. The post Why Microsoft&rsquo

Looking for your next job? Here’s what you 2020-08-07 08:00:23This week in Careers, we have some CV tips for those looking for their next job and rounded up some top STEM companies hiring in Ireland. The post Loo

Quantum Group acquires London-based fintech Tail 2020-08-07 07:39:45Tail, a start-up that provides cashback solutions to start-ups such as Monzo, Starling and Volopa, has been acquired by London-based fintech incubator

Facebook announces Tipperary wind farm plans 2020-08-07 06:51:49The wind project, which will be completed in 2022, will have the capability to generate enough renewable electricity to supply 20,000 homes per year.

Intel’s investigating a leak that exposed 20GB of 2020-08-07 06:14:23Intel has denied claims that it was hacked and has suggested that the leaked data may have been downloaded without authorisation by someone within the

Deliveroo sees 50pc growth in Irish restaurant partners 2020-08-07 05:42:30In the first half of 2020, Deliveroo saw 600 new restaurants including Kimchi Hophouse, Mad Egg and Wigwam signing up to its digital delivery platform

How challenger banks could change the future of 2020-08-07 05:00:00N26’s Sarunas Legeckas discusses the collective responsibility that challenger banks have in helping to reshape the Irish banking landscape. The

Uber’s earnings show soaring demand for delivery 2020-08-07 04:50:29With changing consumer demand during the Covid-19 pandemic, Uber’s delivery business is now larger than ride-hailing. The post Uber’s earn

Irish agritech company MagGrow raises €6m for crop-spraying 2020-08-07 04:13:43With backing from impact investors, this brings the total raised by MagGrow to €18m. The post Irish agritech company MagGrow raises €6m for

Trump targets TikTok and WeChat ban with new 2020-08-07 03:58:43The latest developments in the saga between the White House and TikTok include executive orders that could set a ‘dangerous precedent’ and

Animal Crossing helps Nintendo’s profits surge in latest 2020-08-06 08:09:08Nintendo’s latest earnings report highlights a 428pc surge in profits as people turned to gaming for entertainment and distraction during Covid-

Teladoc Health and Livongo plan to merge in 2020-08-06 07:14:46Teladoc will combine its virtual care services with Livongo's data-driven approach to managing chronic conditions. The post Teladoc Health and Livong

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