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An American Pickle Might Have Been Fresher in New! 2020-08-03 13:08:07Seth Rogen's new movie is funny, although some gags meant to skewer hip Brooklynites seem strangely dated.

Google Pixel 4A Review: Nearly Perfect and Only New! 2020-08-03 11:00:00The 4A is an upgrade in almost every way over its predecessor, yet it’s cheaper. It's our new fave Android phone.

Frog Eats Beetle. Beetle Crawls Through Guts to New! 2020-08-03 11:00:00Regimbartia attenuata doesn’t take too kindly to being eaten. Once locked inside a frog’s maw, it turns around and starts heading for the

One Free Press Coalition Spotlights Journalists Under Attack New! 2020-08-03 09:00:00This month's focus is on Austin Tice, an American photojournalist who has gone missing in Syria and is presumed to be alive.

The 7 Best Chromebooks for Every Budget (2020) New! 2020-08-03 08:00:00WIRED Tested. If you're all in on Google services, these are our favorite ChromeOS laptops and 2-in-1 tablets for school, work, or home.

What Poetry Means for Doctors and Patients During New! 2020-08-03 08:00:00The poetry editor of The Journal of the American Medical Association talks about medicine, metaphor, and how literature can even improve patient outco

The Rise of the Virtual Being New! 2020-08-03 07:00:00On the latest episode of the Get WIRED podcast, we attend the Virtual Beings Summit and contemplate Lucy, Lil Miquela, and what it means to be human.

The Hate-Fueled Rise of r/The_Donald—and Its Epic Takedown New! 2020-08-03 07:00:00The notorious subreddit trafficked in violent rhetoric, growing a prodigious following over five years. Here’s how—and why—Reddit fi

SpaceX Brings Astronauts Home Safely in a Historic 2020-08-02 14:49:54That’s a wrap on SpaceX’s crewed demo mission, which clears the way for the company to regularly launch astronauts for NASA.

Archaeologists Have Found the Source of Stonehenge’s Boulders 2020-08-02 09:00:00Modern scholars have only been able to speculate about where the huge stones came from—until now.

Why Are Plants Green? The Answer Might Work 2020-08-02 08:00:00A new model of photosynthesis points to an evolutionary principle governing light-harvesting organisms that might apply throughout the universe.

I Bought the Duffel Bag That’s in ‘The 2020-08-02 08:00:00I use it to pack pillows on a paddleboard. But you can also use it to pack guns. In space.

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Robotic Bricklayer New! 2020-08-03 07:00:00FBR, an Australian startup, is innovating the construction industry with it's new Hadrian X robot.

"HAPPI" Dance New! 2020-08-03 07:00:00While hemorrhages are easily treated in hospitals, getting a trauma victim there can prove troublesome and sometimes fatal, since current clotting age

Disinfect, Power up 2020-07-31 07:00:00We're living in a historic period of time. Fending off COVID-19 can sometimes prove difficult when your most useful items (keys, wallet, phone) are a

Recycled Bricks 2020-07-30 07:00:00A group of engineers from the Heriot-Watt University in Scotland started a company called Kenoteq, which designed an environmentally friendly brick.

Sea-trek 2020-07-29 07:00:00You've heard of smartwatches, you've heard of futuristic smart glasses, but have you ever heard of smart goggles? Well, today is the day!

Generating For Generations 2020-07-28 07:00:00Renewable energy has been the center of attention for many years. But what if the answer was right under our noses, or should I say, over our heads? O

Master Antidote 2020-07-20 07:00:00By clearing toxins from our blood stream, our red blood cells ensure we stay healthy. However, just like human beings, absorbing too big of a dose of

Defeating Covid-19 2020-07-16 07:00:00Researchers from the University of Houston developed, in collaboration with others, an air filter that can kill SARS-CoV-2, commonly known as Coronavi

Catalyzing Our Fuel 2020-07-16 07:00:00The main problem with our Navy today is refueling. Other than nuclear-powered ships such as aircraft carriers and submarines, the fleet must travel wi

The Man and The Machine 2020-07-15 07:00:00We are facing a new industrial revolution, machines and artificial intelligence are becoming more and more important and present in the workspace. The

Shady Tunes 2020-07-15 07:00:00Have you ever heard of bluetooth sunglasses? No, not to control the level of shade but to control your music. Yes, you read that correctly: Zungle eye

A Thrust In The Right Direction 2020-07-14 07:00:00Electric land vehicles are becoming more and more common, and so could electric airplanes be in the future.

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Device found able to reduce noise in simulated 2020-07-17 10:30:01A team of researchers at Invictus Medical has found via simulated testing that their Neoasis active noise control device is able to reduce the noise l

Engineer creates a battery-less remote image sensor, and 2020-07-16 10:47:40Imagine a small, inexpensive device that could look at a parking lot to see which spaces are filled and which are not. Or one that could find traffic

Scientists build high-performing hybrid solar energy converter 2020-07-15 14:55:18Tulane University researchers are part of a team of scientists who have developed a hybrid solar energy converter that generates electricity and steam

Drones and artificial intelligence show promise for conservation 2020-07-14 11:39:15Farmland bird species are declining over most of Europe. Birds breeding on the ground are particularly vulnerable because they are exposed to mechanic

The new tattoo: Drawing electronics on skin 2020-07-13 16:31:03One day, people could monitor their own health conditions by simply picking up a pencil and drawing a bioelectronic device on their skin. In a new stu

Mini-LED, Micro-LED, and OLED displays: Present status and 2020-07-13 11:26:43Display technology has become ubiquitous in our daily life; its widespread applications cover smartphones, tablets, desktop monitors, TVs, data projec

Musk says Tesla close to developing fully autonomous 2020-07-09 12:34:08Tesla founder Elon Musk said Thursday that the world's recently crowned most valuable auto company could achieve a fully autonomous car by the end of

New video codec halves streaming time 2020-07-08 13:00:02A German research institute announced Tuesday a new video standard that halves the bitrate required for streaming, allowing higher quality images on l

Researchers determine how to accurately pinpoint malicious drone 2020-07-08 12:42:22Researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) have determined how to pinpoint the location of a drone operator who may be operating maliciou

Collaborative virtual reality environments for the home office 2020-07-08 10:57:37Simulations using supercomputers or construction data from CAD systems are normally visualized and analyzed in a Cave 3-D facility. In an era of "soc

How drones and aerial vehicles could change cities 2020-07-07 10:20:14Drones, personal flying vehicles and air taxis may be part of our everyday life in the very near future. Drones and air taxis will create new means of

Apple would like to store your passport and 2020-07-07 05:28:16In the next edition of Apple's iOS operating system, Apple is enticing us with the possibility of using the iPhone to turn on and off cars.

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How to improve workplace wellbeing in a post-Covid 2020-07-31 09:05:02As workplace wellbeing becomes more important than ever, Jenny Darmody found out about the I Am Here initiative and how it supports both employers and

Celebrity Twitter hack caused by ‘phone spear phishing 2020-07-31 08:10:21In an update on a recent hacking incident, Twitter has explained that the attackers gained access to internal networks as well as specific employee cr

More than 1,000 jobs were announced across Ireland 2020-07-31 08:00:30Amazon, Beckman Coulter and Greenfield Global all revealed recruitment plans this week, with roles in Dublin, Portlaoise, Clare and Cork. The post Mor

Remitly raises another $85m for its digital remittance 2020-07-31 07:32:45Digital remittance platform Remitly has raised $85m to fuel growth and expand its suite of digital financial services products. The post Remitly rais

Supreme Court quashes emission reduction plan 2020-07-31 06:23:29Following an appeal from environmental activists Friends of the Irish Environment, the Supreme Court has unanimously decided to quash the 2017 Nationa

A breakdown of Big Tech’s big Q2 earnings 2020-07-31 05:33:30 Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Facebook all beat expectations in their latest earnings reports. The post A breakdown of Big Tech’s big Q2 earnings

‘No end in sight’: Facebook employees to continue 2020-07-31 04:24:29CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company has no plans to return to the office just yet, in light of the number of Covid-19 cases in the US. The post &lsqu

Mastercard and Microsoft join forces for ‘the future 2020-07-31 03:03:47Mastercard’s partners will now have access to emerging technologies at Microsoft, drawing on Azure, AR, VR, IoT and more. The post Mastercard an

Smarttech247 CTO: ‘The attack surface is continuously expanding’ 2020-07-31 02:00:54Andy Grzess is the CTO at cybersecurity company Smarttech247. He spoke to Siliconrepublic.com about the importance of adaptability when it comes to se

Which skills should you learn while working from 2020-07-30 12:00:24New research from SHL suggests that coding languages are the most in-demand and highest-earning skills that you can learn at home. The post Which skil

Everything you need to know about NASA’s Perseverance 2020-07-30 08:58:44Briony Horgan of Purdue University and Melissa Rice of Western Washington University discuss the potential for life being discovered on Mars with the

Hospital communication platform Siilo raises €9.5m 2020-07-30 08:35:02Siilo has raised €9.5m to expand its product offering and build out its network in Europe. The post Hospital communication platform Siilo raises

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