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21st of November 2018

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Missy Elliott and her 'funky white sister' rapped together and we're crying

2018%2f04%2f02%2f74%2fheadshot.edeb7By Morgan Sung2018-09-13 22:55:44 UTC

Missy Elliott met her long lost sister on Ellen — her funky white sister, that is.

Mary Halsey's karaoke cover of "Work It" went viral last month. Declaring herself "Missy's funky white sister," Halsey rapped a flawless rendition of the song during a karaoke barbecue. Inexplicably holding an antler, she nailed the "ti esrever dna ti pilf, nwod gniht ym tup" while another woman danced behind her with a plate of food. 

Missy Elliott herself praised the cover, tweeting, "She straight killed 'Work It' sound effects and all. I love it." 

Halsey rapped a cover on The Ellen Show, antler and all. Halfway through her incredible performance, Missy Elliott joined in, completely surprising Halsey. 

[embedded content]

Halsey, being the funky white sister that she is, barely missed a beat and resumed rapping with her idol. 

According to her interview with Ellen, Halsey said "Work It" has been her go-to karaoke song for the past 15 years. And although she knows what the lyrics mean, she "wasn't thinking about them" when she was singing them. 

I want to thank Ellen @theellenshow for just being AMAZING May God Bless you because of your HUGE heart & you have always used your platform to make ppl smile like Mary Halsey who is 1 of the sweetest ppl I’ve met! thank you Ellen😘 Mary u are a gem!🤗❤️”My Funky White Sister”

— Missy Elliott (@MissyElliott) September 13, 2018

It looks like the two long lost sisters are friends now — Elliott even pulled the "it's a video" while taking a selfie with Halsey. 

"Mary u are a gem!" Elliott tweeted.

Can it get any cuter than this?

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