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18th of December 2018

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25 Pixel Tattoo Ideas That’ll Inspire Your Next Ink Job

Luckily, the world that we live in is full of booming creativity. When it comes to tattooing—obviously one of the most permanent versions of art available—there are endless options we’re ready to get inked onto our body for the long run. Most recently, it’s been all about the minimalistic tattoos, matching best friend ink, and unique, in-your-face placement like on the wrist. While those trends have had their moment, it’s time for a new one to hit the scene: pixel tattoos.

Given the fact that essentially everything these days revolves around technology, a pixelated tattoo is an eye-catching way to show your dedication to all things retro. Instead of incredibly clean, simple lines, these old school tattoos feature individual pixels like an old television or video game would have.

When it comes to this tattoo trend, there are so many different directions you can take it in. If you’re someone who grew up pulling all-nighters with your best friends playing Mario Kart and PacMan until your eyes turned red, you’ll truly appreciate the nostalgia that ink inspired by those video games can provide you with. If you were never into video games but really love the era where technology really started to up its game, you can opt for a more general pixelated design like a heart, flower, or your favorite animal.

There are truly endless opportunities when it comes to pixelated tattoos—old-school video game fan or not. We’ve rounded up some of the most unique ideas on the web in the slideshow ahead. Click through to give them a whirl.

Pixelate your favorite flower on the forearm to add something special to your skin.

Photo: Instagram/@annatat_md

The three-dimensional skull is one badass tat.

Photo: Instagram/

What's your favorite SMS abbreviation? Wtf!

Photo: Instagram/@paisleypopart

You're the nut to my squirrel.

Photo: Instagram/@ningandpepes

It can't get more girly than this pixelated pink bow.

Photo: Instagram/@ningandpepes

Kirby was a staple in many of our childhoods.

Photo: Instagram/@magliana_vice_tattoo

Your favorite video game character can be the perfect conversation piece.

Photo: Instagram/@baibutattoo

The combination of realism and pixelated design is incredibly unique.

Photo: Instagram/@lulu_lafemme

A heart can represent so many different things, but overall it's all about the love.

Photo: Instagram/@hwahongtattoo

Remember the old GameBoys?

Photo: Instagram/@tatlunatic

Add a 3-D border to your pixelated tattoo.

Photo: Instagram/@whiterattatoo

If this isn't the cutest dinosaur you've ever seen.

Photo: Instagram/@theblackhattattoo

Who doesn't love some coffee and good Wi-Fi?

Photo: Instagram/@nathiink

Your pixelated tattoo doesn't have to be huge. This tiny character does the trick.

Photo: Instagram/@kolyakolet

This pixelated tattoo is lit, you guys.

Photo: Instagram/@lildotonyourhand

The pixelated flower ink even works with sunflowers.

Photo: Instagram/@annatat_md

When you can't choose a favorite character, opt for the memorable aspects of the game.

Photo: Instagram/@laukey_tattoo

Even your favorite fruits can be turned into some sweet pixelated ink.

Photo: Instagram/@circodelatinta

When you can't choose just one...

Photo: Instagram/@yurigeetatto

Add some color to your skin with a bright little watermelon.

Photo: Instagram/@dsmt

We donut understand how a tattoo could get any cuter!

Photo: Instagram/@paisleypopart

Have your tattoo artist run the pixels across a larger area to make things look even more realistic.

Photo: Instagram/

Twenty-five little pixels will create the perfect heart outline.

Photo: Instagram/@badhands_tattoo

For the gal who loves herself a good diner meal.

Photo: Instagram/@rask_opticon

You'll be reminded of all things bright and happy when you look down at this pixelated ink.

Photo: Instagram/

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