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Leica celebrates 100 years of Bauhaus with a 2019-05-17 13:45:35Whether you're a Leica collector or simply a fan of everything Bauhaus-related, you'll definitely want one of these new Leica CL "100 years of bauh

Blancpain reissues the Fifty Fathoms Barakuda from the 2019-05-17 05:40:02Blancpain fans looking for a classic Fifty Fathoms design in a smaller case will be excited to know that the company is reissuing the Barakuda model i

Omega turns the Seamaster into an elegant Worldtimer 2019-05-17 05:22:08The Omega Seamaster is going global with a new limited edition GMT Worldtimer model that's based on the Aqua Terra 150M. The 43mm watch features a su

Omega marks 50 years of the Apollo 11 2019-05-17 04:50:40The first watch to make its way onto the lunar surface is celebrating 50 years of the Apollo 11 moon landing with a special edition of the Omega Speed

BMW celebrates 35 years of the M5 2019-05-16 20:13:00This year marks the 35th anniversary of one of the most beloved high-performance BMWs, the M5. The 2020 model is the most powerful version of the M5 e

Jaeger-LeCoultre introduces the Master Grande Tradition Répétition Minutes 2019-05-16 19:46:55Jaeger-LeCoultre has a deep history of building innovative chiming watches and the company considers it to be at the very foundation of their mec

Bring a Trailer launches its Plus and White 2019-05-16 18:42:37Bring a Trailer has definitely made a big impact on vintage car sales and now the company aims to help sellers perfect their listings with two new pre

Rapha's Explore Waterproof Rear Pack is a must-have 2019-05-16 18:18:34When you're riding long distances, a solid piece of bike luggage is always a good call. The only problem is that some bags tend to affect the balance

Audi shows off the 2020 A4's aggressive new 2019-05-16 17:37:36Audi's refreshed A4 lineup has been revealed this week with a sportier look that features a broader and flatter Singleframe grille. The aggressive ne

John Elliott releases the Lebron Icon QS in 2019-05-16 16:30:39John Elliott's sold-out Icon QS is getting a new model that revamps the upper in a black colorway. Featuring the midsole tooling of the LeBron 8, the

Timex reissues one of their first quartz-powered watches 2019-05-16 14:22:45There are plenty of ways to spend thousands of dollars on a beautiful travel watch, but if you're not ready to invest away your hard-earned money, Ti

Artifox's Side Table delivers a modern take on 2019-05-15 19:20:14If you've got an Artifox desk, the company has designed a new side table that is the perfect complement. Crafted out of solid hardwood with veneer pa

Real Men Real Style

10 Items EVERY Guy Needs MORE Of To 2019-05-07 07:55:01The post 10 Items EVERY Guy Needs MORE Of To Be Successful (Own Multiples & Level-Up Your Style) appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related p

20 Signs You Care TOO Much About Style 2019-05-05 08:00:31The post 20 Signs You Care TOO Much About Style appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:How To Reset A Bad Day | 5 Tips To Recover From

How To Dress In Your 20s (Style Tips 2019-05-04 07:55:50The post How To Dress In Your 20s (Style Tips For Men) appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:Men’s Style Upgrade | Collar Stays

10 Mistakes Older Guys Make Trying To Look 2019-05-02 07:55:46The post 10 Mistakes Older Guys Make Trying To Look Young appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:First 5 Shoes Every Man NEEDS | The Be

7 Minimalist Men’s Wardrobe Essentials & How To 2019-04-30 07:55:16The post 7 Minimalist Men’s Wardrobe Essentials & How To Buy appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:First 5 Shoes Every Man N

A Guide To Social Dress Codes For Men 2019-04-28 08:00:22The post A Guide To Social Dress Codes For Men (Clothing Etiquette Rules) appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:How To Sew On A Button

7 Tricks To Save $100 (Or More!) When 2019-04-27 07:55:18The post 7 Tricks To Save $100 (Or More!) When Buying Luxury Shoes appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:Italian vs American Dress Sho

10 Watch Styles Every Man Should Know 2019-04-25 07:55:04The post 10 Watch Styles Every Man Should Know appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:10 Simple Men’s Style Upgrades – Quic

10 Scientifically Proven Ways To Be More Attractive 2019-04-23 07:55:37The post 10 Scientifically Proven Ways To Be More Attractive appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:Seduce With Style | Sexiest Clothin

10 Famous Clothing Logos With Hidden Meaning 2019-04-21 07:55:22The post 10 Famous Clothing Logos With Hidden Meaning appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:Sherpa Jacket How To Tie The Eldredge Kno

How To ACTUALLY Wake Up At 5AM (10 2019-04-18 07:55:12The post How To ACTUALLY Wake Up At 5AM (10 Ninja Hacks) appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:Perfect Morning Routine – STEAL T

10 Tips To Look Attractive In A Dress 2019-04-16 07:55:17The post 10 Tips To Look Attractive In A Dress Shirt appeared first on Real Men Real Style. Related posts:Harvey Specter Suits Dress Like A Rich Man

Maxim - The Ultimate Guys

Here Are the Absolute Best Ways to Stop 2019-05-17 13:59:57How many times have you fielded a phone call from a random area code only to hear a bogus message about "urgent info" regarding your credit score, c

Timex Drops '70s-Style Dive Watch With 'Rolex Pepsi' 2019-05-17 11:15:25Timex's latest timepiece is a blast from the past that won't break the bank.  With a stylish red, blue and gold colorway reminiscent of the cov

Hear Armin Van Buuren's EDM Remix of Van 2019-05-17 11:00:00Dutch trance DJ Armin van Buuren recently debuted his dance club-worthy remix of Van Halen's "Jump" with the help of David Lee Roth himself, and no

Robert Pattinson Is Set To Replace Ben Affleck 2019-05-17 10:38:09The iconic role of “The Batman” in the upcoming Warner Bros/DC film of the same name was up for grabs after Ben Affleck, who played the pa

Pamela Anderson Defends Ariel Winter Against Body-Shaming Trolls 2019-05-17 10:30:00Modern Family beauty Ariel Winter has embraced a slimmed-down new figure lately -- something she attributes to her new anti-depressants

What a Beautiful Woman Wants: Haley Kalil 2019-05-17 08:00:00Anyone who has already perused the 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue will no doubt recognize Haley Kalil.  The smoldering SI Swim rooki

Exclusive: ‘John Wick’ Stuntmen On Training Keanu Reeves 2019-05-17 07:30:00Not everyone appreciates the subtleties of ramming a pencil through an eardrum. Jonathan Eusebio does. “A fight scene can’t be just kill,

Lenovo Unveils 'World's First Foldable PC' That Bends 2019-05-16 17:38:14While Samsung, Motorola and Huawei race to launch production smartphones with foldable screens, Lenovo has entered the bendy tech space with the "wor

Inside Jeff Bridges' $8 Million California Mansion 2019-05-16 15:28:19Jeff Bridges, a.k.a. The Dude from The Big Lebowski, has put his extremely chill-worthy home in Montecito, California on the market for $8 m

Selena Gomez Says Social Media Is 'Dangerous' and 2019-05-16 15:01:29In a speech given at the Cannes Film Festival Wednesday, Selena Gomez had some pointed things to say about social media and why she took a break from

Deontay Wilder Channels Ivan Drago For Dominic Breazeale 2019-05-16 14:27:12The beef between undefeated heavyweight boxing champ Deontay Wilder and challenger Dominic Breazeale has been ratcheted up to dangerous new levels ahe

The 2020 McLaren GT Has Supercar Specs and 2019-05-16 12:05:16The 2020 McLaren GT is here to compete with mid-engined grand tourers like the Aston Martin DB11 and Ferrari Portofino.  Presented in a glistenin

Breaking Muscle

6 Exercises to Fire Up Your Glutes 2019-05-13 16:57:44Your butt is the biggest muscle in your body. If trained properly, it should also be the strongest. Your glutes—gluteus maximus (your ass)&mdash

Auto-Regulation, HRV, and the Unplugged Approach 2019-05-12 14:06:00The take-home message here is simple: sometimes you have to be willing to listen to your body and back off. Every strength has its weakness. My best t

Fit to Fight Sleep Apnea 2019-05-09 13:30:39The reality is, 80 percent of people who have sleep apnea don’t know it. When we think about sleep apnea, we usually consider it a fat man&rsquo

Ditch the Rigid Meal Plan 2019-05-08 16:37:53Often, when people fall off their meal plan, not only do they feel like a failure they also have no idea what they should eat and then, all hell reall

10 Transformational Habits That Really Force a Change 2019-05-07 16:00:15The most sustainable, sensible, and successful lifestyle habits aren’t always sexy, but they work. Fads drive the fitness industry. Calorie coun

Fatigue: It's Just an Emotion 2019-05-06 16:06:22When it comes to fatigue during exercise, it’s all in your head.   read more

Eccentric Abdominal Training 2019-05-01 21:17:30Granted, abs are made in the kitchen, but they’re forged in the gym!   read more

Training the Trainer 2019-04-30 19:03:56Let your ego go, apologize when appropriate, and practice often.   So, you’ve passed your training certification. Congratulations.  

Women and Iron 2019-04-29 11:22:16Almost 50 percent of women and three-quarters of teenaged females aren’t getting enough iron from their food. Generally speaking, women are smal

Useful Shame: Countering Junk Food and Smartphone Addiction 2019-04-29 06:50:14Few influences have been as broadly destructive as unchecked smartphone culture and junk food eating habits. In a wave of evangelical fervor, the 18th

Effective Workouts You Can Do at Home 2019-04-27 19:27:34Ditch the I can’t get to the gym excuses, because there’s no place like home. Ditch the I can’t get to the gym excuses because there

You Should Be Taking Cold Showers 2019-04-25 20:51:03From rejuvenating your skin, reducing fats, to relaxing your mind, a cold shower has them all. You’re probably used to warm water when taking a

WWD Men's

Agentry to Open New York Fashion Week: Men’s 2019-05-09 13:16:01The showcase on June 3 will include an inaugural All Stars Showcase.

CEO Talks: Bonobos’ Micky Onvural Takes Unique Marketing 2019-05-08 00:01:04Since becoming ceo last year, she has helped enhance the culture at the online retailer.

EXCLUSIVE: Randa Acquires Haggar Brand 2019-05-07 16:45:38The purchase brings the accessories manufacturer into the apparel business.

Bristol Studio Comes Into Its Own 2019-05-07 13:17:38The elevated men’s brand, centered around basketball culture, is forging a path for itself following some retooling of the business.

Pitti Uomo Brings Out the Big Guns for 2019-05-07 13:02:26While challenges are affecting the Italian fashion and textile industry, the Florentine trade show is gearing up to affirm its leading role in the men

Sterling Ruby: Pitti Uomo a ‘No Brainer’ to 2019-05-02 17:20:16The artist will present his label S.R. Studio. LA. CA in Florence next month.

Southern Tide, Reyn Spooner Partner on Capsule 2019-05-01 09:42:21The Hawaiian-themed shirt line is available beginning today.

Dior to Open Men’s Pop-ups Featuring Soroyama Robot 2019-05-01 08:16:58The first will be at CityCenterDC in Washington, followed by Holt Renfrew in Toronto and South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, Calif.

Penney’s Changes Chief Men’s Merchant 2019-04-24 16:36:50Jeff Useforge has replaced James Starke as head of the company's men's division.

J.Hilburn Adds Chief Marketing Officer 2019-04-24 11:20:17Casey Shilling will work to enhance the men's wear brand's omnichannel business.

J.Lindeberg’s Davey Adesida Capsule to Launch April 27 2019-04-23 16:56:35The collection uses images of the East and West Coasts shot by the Nigerian-born photographer.

Ermenegildo Zegna 2018 Profits Up, Group Invests in 2019-04-23 11:20:13The Italian men's wear group launched an online store on Tmall's Luxury Pavilion on Tuesday as it officially inaugurated its New York flagship.

T Nation Articles

Stop Stretching, Start Lifting 2019-05-15 08:00:00The right kind of lifting will increase mobility and flexibility better than stretching or goofy mobility drills. And you'll build muscle too. Check

Tip: The Seated Cable Face Pull 2019-05-15 07:00:00Nail your rear delts with this face pull variation. If rear delts are a weak point, start your workouts with several sets of 12-15 reps.

Tip: Assisted Dips – Useful or Just a 2019-05-15 07:00:00You may be surprised. Check this out.

Stop Squatting and Deadlifting So Damn Much 2019-05-14 08:00:00Sure, the big 3 lifts are great, but experienced lifters need to stop chasing numbers for a while and fix their weak links. Here's why and how to do

Tip: The Best Power and Conditioning Test 2019-05-14 07:00:00You need both anaerobic power and aerobic capacity to be a great lifter and athlete. Test them both with this simple challenge.

Tip: Glute Ham Raise Machine 2019-05-14 07:00:00Not using the GHR in your gym? You're missing out. It's a great knee-friendly, hip dominant movement.

5 Foods For Better Erections & A Healthy 2019-05-13 08:00:00Foods that love your prostate are also foods that shore up your erections. Here's how to get healthy and shored-up at the same time.

Tip: The Strength Athlete's Mistake 2019-05-13 07:00:00This common error makes it harder to set squat and deadlift PR's, and it may even leave you injured.

Tip: The Rope Pullover 2019-05-12 13:15:00Here's a great lat exercise that simulates the classic Nautilus pullover machine favored by golden-era bodybuilders.

Tip: Simple Power Training for Muscle 2019-05-12 07:00:00More power equals more muscle and more athleticism. Here's an easy way to toss in some power-building movements before your workout.

Tip: Chest-Supported Row Machine 2019-05-11 13:15:00Barbell and T-bar rows are great, but if you're also deadlifting and squatting, they can overwork the low back. Try this to give it a break.

Tip: Dumbbell Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift 2019-05-11 13:15:00Add this RDL variation to your leg day... especially if you have cranky knees.

Muscle For Life

Cody McBroom on How to Build a Successful 2019-05-17 09:00:36If you want to learn how to start a successful fitness coaching business, including the biggest “dos” and “don’ts,” you

Muscle for Life Success: Robert L. 2019-05-17 09:00:00Robert dropped 49 pounds of fat and transformed his physique in only 8 months on my Bigger Leaner Stronger program! ..Read the full article on Muscle

This Is the Definitive Guide to Proper Deadlift 2019-05-15 09:00:37If you want to learn proper deadlift form and how to deadlift as much weight as possible, then you want to read this article. ..Read the full article

Collagen Protein Is a Waste of Money, Science 2019-05-15 09:00:11If you want to know what collagen protein is, why people take it, and whether or not it can benefit your body, you want to listen to this podcast. ..R

The Best Diets and Workouts for Your Body 2019-05-10 09:00:48Are you an ectomorph? Mesomorph? Endomorph? Does body type even matter? Listen to this podcast to find out. ..Read the full article on Muscle for Life

Muscle for Life Success: Alan C. 2019-05-10 09:00:25Alan lost 62 pounds in 6 months and got stronger on every lift following my Bigger Leaner Stronger program! ..Read the full article on Muscle for Life

The Best Bodyweight Workouts and Exercises You Can 2019-05-08 09:00:29If you want to use bodyweight workouts and exercises to “be your own gym” and gain muscle and strength without going to the gym, this arti

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky on How Not to Die 2019-05-08 09:00:07If you want to know how diet affects your risk of heart disease and what you can do to avoid it, you want to listen to this podcast. ..Read the full a

What’s New and Exciting in April? Legion Rebranding, 2019-05-06 07:00:54My team and I get asked often about what’s going on over here at Muscle for Life, so, here’s the latest and greatest as of April 2019. ..R

Muscle for Life Success: Bart C. 2019-05-03 09:00:35Bart gained 6.5 pounds of lean muscle in 10 months and got stronger on my Bigger Leaner Stronger program! ..Read the full article on Muscle for Life T

The Best Chest Workouts for Building Awesome Pecs 2019-05-01 09:00:29If you want strong, powerful, and defined pecs that pop, you want to do these chest exercises and workouts. ..Read the full article on Muscle for Life

Sal Di Stefano on Mastering the Mental Side 2019-05-01 09:00:20If you want to know how to deal with the mental hobgoblins that make it hard to eat properly, work out regularly, and deal with body image issues, you


Blast From the Past: Remington Model 58 2019-05-17 09:00:04 The Gun Nuts A reader shares the story of his father’s shotgun and how he restored it after it was damaged in a rainsto

Postseason Review: Turkey Shotgun Essentials 2019-05-15 10:38:00 The Gun Nuts Does that fancy new turkey gun really shoot as great as it looks? Here's a quick recap on what did and didn&rsq

Outdoor Inspiration 2019-05-14 10:15:52 A Sportsman's Life A reminder that we all need to get outside more A reminder that we all need to get outside more&hellip

Advice on Working Up Handloads, Part III 2019-05-13 16:45:00 The Gun Nuts A rundown of the tools you need and the tricks of the trade Here’s some general wisdom David E. Petzal

Advice on Working Up Handloads, Part II 2019-05-10 12:35:00 The Gun Nuts Carefully select your components, load your first batch of rounds, and head to the range Don’t buy chea

Blast From the Past: Stevens Favorite 2019-05-10 11:17:05 The Gun Nuts Have you ever heard of a rook rifle? A reader shares a story of this once popular, single-shot from the late 180

Advice on Working Up Handloads, Part I 2019-05-09 10:55:00 The Gun Nuts Find a handloading mentor, and then keep it simple Handloading combines the complexity of fly-tying with stuf

Hunting Gear Review: The Primos Double Bull Stakeout 2019-05-08 09:19:37 The Gun Nuts For the turkey hunts when simply sitting against a tree won’t cut it, hunting from this blind can help you

There’s an Alligator in My Yoga Pants 2019-05-07 12:23:08 A Sportsman's Life More strange animal news from Florida More strange animal news from Florida…

10 Best Long-Range Hunting Cartridges 2019-05-03 15:23:07 Gear These rounds have the reach and the power to put down big-game animals way out there The best long-range hunting cartridges fire

Blast From the Past: Remington 870 AP Wingmaster 2019-05-03 09:00:21 The Gun Nuts A reader shares the story of a classic shotgun gifted to him from his neighborhood hunting buddy In this &ldq

Kentucky Deer Hunter With Two Prosthetic Arms Takes 2019-05-02 16:44:07 Hunting The story of how a bilateral amputee shot the buck of a lifetime—with just minutes to go on the last day of deer season

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