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18th of December 2018


Winter Movies Quiz: Answers and Winners!

That was a lot of fun! If temperatures haven’t dropped yet where you are, watching any of these movies will definitely put you in that winter state of mind. Or maybe we’re just looking for any excuse to break out the fuzzy socks, stay on the couch, and drink copious amounts of hot chocolate.

  Here are the stats, answers, and winners.


1.539 people took the quiz. 407 people scored 100%! The question most people (about 96%) got right was…#16! The question most people missed (only 56% got it right) was…#10.


Q.3In the movie Frozen, what is the name of the iceman’s reindeer? • Hans • Olaf • Kristoff✓ Sven   Q.4In that same movie, where do Anna and Elsa live?✓ Arendelle • Freezenburg • Andalasia • Underland   Q.5In the movie Cool Runnings, the members of the Jamaican bobsled team get a taste of winter upon arriving here for the Olympics. • Utah✓ Calgary • Oslo • Lake Placid   Q.6In this movie, Slyvester Stallone is a former mountain rescuer who has to contend with a group of criminals in the Rocky Mountains.✓ Cliffhanger • Vertical Limit • North Face • Over the Top   Q.7The classic movie Doctor Zhivago is set in this country. • Germany • Switzerland✓ Russia • Austria   Q.8The movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles stars which two comedians as Neal and Del? • Robin Williams and Billy Crystal • Ted Danson and Danny DeVito • Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield✓ Steve Martin and John Candy   Q.9Neal and Del are trying to get to Chicago in time for what holiday?✓ Thanksgiving • Christmas • New Year’s Eve • Valentine’s Day   Q.10In the movie Misery, who or what is Misery? • the cabin where Paul is held captive • the nurse who holds Paul captive✓ the main character in Paul’s novels • the town where Paul crashes his car   Q.11Which of the following is one the most iconic lines from Misery? • “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.”✓ “I’m your number one fan.” • “I’m walking here! I’m walking here!” • “I want to be alone.”   Q.12Who stars in the movie The Revenant?✓ Leonardo DiCaprio • Christian Bale • Matt Damon • Brad Pitt   Q.13In the movie Happy Feet, Mumble feels like an outsider because he can’t do this like the other penguins. • swim • hunt • dive✓ sing   Q.14In Groundhog Day, what is the job of the main character Phil played by Bill Murray? • news anchor✓ weatherman • cameraman • radio host   Q.15What song plays on the radio every morning Phil wakes up in the time loop?✓ I Got You Babe by Sonny & Cher Walking on Sunshine by KC and the Sunshine Band I Can See Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff Happy Together by The Turtles   Q.16In the movie Grumpy Old Men, which actors play the two old and grumpy men? • Tony Randall and Jack Klugman • Jerry Lewis and Mickey Rooney✓ Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon • Mel Brooks and Milton Berle   Q.17In the movie It’s A Wonderful Life, what is the name of the angel hoping to earn his wings? • Hatch • Michael • Harry✓ Clarence   Q.18The Shining, starring Jack Nicholson, is set in _______ . • Jack’s house✓ a hotel • a small log cabin • an asylum   Q.19What kind of movie is March of the Penguins?✓ documentary • animation • musical • stop motion   Q.20In the movie Ice Age, Scrat is constantly trying to look for a place to store his _______ . • berry • apple • walnut✓ acorn   Q.21In Home Alone, what is Kevin’s last name? • McWilliams • MacCarthy • McAdams✓ McCallister   Q.22What do the burglars in Home Alone call themselves? • The Slippery Robbers • The Porch Climbers✓ The Wet Bandits • The Slushy Stealers


The first winner is…Andrea Wis…! The second winner is…Tracy Val…! The third winner is…Tracie Joh…!

Congratulations, winners! Contact to claim your AirPods!

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