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13th of December 2018


Big Bad Vocabulary Quiz: Answers and Winners!

Good job, everyone! And you had to pull yourself away from all kinds of holiday preparations and ingestions, too—no small feat in itself. We’re so glad you love words as much as we do!

Here are the stats, answers, and winners.


851 people took the quiz. 106 people scored 100%! The question most people (about 95%) got right was…#19! The question most people missed (only 58% got it right) was…#8.


Q.3Elucidate • deceive✓ explain • escape • ramble incoherently   Q.4Animus • mystery • cunning • humanity✓ hostility   Q.5Valise✓ suitcase • musical instrument • scarf • server   Q.6True or False: A supercilious individual can also be described as imperious.✓ True • False   Q.7Puerile • careful • sober✓ frivolous • earnest   Q.8Nescient✓ oblivious • cognizant • omnipresent • predictive   Q.9Basal • sturdy✓ rudimentary • rocky • sneaky   Q.10Multifarious • underhanded • consistent • malicious✓ diverse   Q.11True or False: A vociferous person is typically reticent and restrained. • True✓ False   Q.12Portend✓ foreshadow • punish • part of a ship • review   Q.13Acolyte • leader✓ follower • neutral observer • lawyer   Q.14Clement • oppressive • religious • severe✓ merciful   Q.15An untenable position CANNOT be _______ . • denied • understood✓ defended • refuted   Q.16Conclave • summary✓ gathering • curvature • revelation   Q.17Missive✓ letter • attack • journey • goal   Q.18Plenitude • gumption • suspicion✓ abundance • statement   Q.19Bastion✓ stronghold • reprimand • plan • weakness   Q.20Aplomb • agitation✓ composure • profusion • arrogance   Q.21True or False: The term “bicameral” refers to something that has two lenses. • True✓ False   Q.22Inveterate✓ habitual • spineless • disrespectful • wasteful   Q.23Recalcitrant • remorseful • with accuracy✓ defiant • obedient   Q.24Noisome • loud✓ offensive • inviting • blurry   Q.25Exculpate • implicate • discredit • prosecute✓ absolve   Q.26True or False: A Byzantine operation is usually surreptitious.✓ True • False   Q.27Maladroit • devious • judicious✓ inept • meticulous


The first winner is…Aubrey Ven…! The second winner is…JoAnn Bur…! The third winner is…Russ Ful…!

Congratulations, winners! Contact to claim your AirPods!


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