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18th of December 2018


The Stan Lee Quiz: Answers and Winners

Thank you for joining us in honoring the great and inimitable Stan Lee. He will be missed. Stan Lee truly loved his fans, which means he loved YOU.


  Here are the stats, answers, and winners.


1,020 people took the quiz. 219 people scored 100%! The question just about EVERYONE got right (99%!) was…#3! The question most people missed (only 53% got it right) was…#16.


Q.3The _______ Hulk • Amazing✓ Incredible • Mighty • Invincible   Q.4Who is Thor’s father? • Heimdall • Mjolnir✓ Odin • Ultron   Q.5Who is Matt Murdock?✓ Daredevil • Flash • Green Lantern • Vision   Q.6Which of the following villains is S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most persistent enemy? • Magneto • Loki • Thanos✓ HYDRA   Q.7In an Iron Man cameo, Tony Starks mistakes Stan Lee for _______ .✓ Hugh Hefner • Richard Nixon • Christopher Walken • Michael Caine   Q.8Which of the following is NOT the secret identity of a Stan Lee character? • Scott Lang • Natasha Romanoff✓ Steve Austin • Clint Barton   Q.9Who is the father of Quicksilver? • Flash✓ Magneto • Nick Fury • Hawkeye   Q.10Who of the following is NOT a member of the Fantastic Four? • Reed Richards • Johnny Storm • Ben Grimm✓ Jean Gray   Q.11True or False: Before becoming Doctor Strange, Stephen Strange was, in fact, a medical doctor.✓ True • False   Q.12What is Hawkeye’s main superpower or skill? • x-ray vision • laser eyes • flight✓ archery   Q.13What is Stan Lee’s catchphrase?✓ Excelsior! • Imagine. • Believe. • Carpe diem!   Q.14In a Captain America: Civil War cameo, Stan is delivering a FedEx package to Iron Man. What does he say Tony’s last name is? • Spanx • Sphinx✓ Stank • Sparks   Q.15What precious metal is native to the kingdom of Wakanda? • adamantium✓ vibranium • carbonadium • valorium   Q.16What newspaper did Peter Parker work for? • The Daily Planet • The Daily Globe • The Daily Herald✓ The Daily Bugle   Q.17Which of the following characters is primarily a villain?✓ Green Goblin • Thing • Groot • Beast   Q.18True or false: Keeping the Silver Surfer away from water for a prolonged period of time makes him weaker. • True✓ False   Q.19What is the Black Panther’s catchphrase? • Long live Wakanda! • Justice for all!✓ Wakanda forever! • Upward and onward!   Q.20Where does Thor come from?✓ Asgard • Galactus • Thanagar • Xandar   Q.21What is the name of Spiderman’s aunt? • Mary • Jane✓ May • Angel   Q.22Groot mostly says only one line. What does it sound like? • “Groot.”✓ “I am Groot.” • “See Groot.” • “I be Groot.”   Q.23How did the Hulk get his powers? • he’s part robot • he was bitten by a radioactive insect • his parents are mutants✓ gamma radiation   Q.24Who is Captain America’s best friend?✓ Bucky Barnes • Iron Man • Colonel James Rhodes • Wade Wilson   Q.25True or False: Mister Fantastic and Invisible Girl are siblings. • True✓ False


The first winner is…Thomas McD…! The second winner is…Justin Wal…! The third winner is…Meagan Hal…!

Congratulations, winners! Contact to claim your AirPods.


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